Monday, November 23, 2015

J. Crew Review: Plaids and lace

Boy Shirt in Blue Pacey Plaid (size P2)
 I apologize - the link is to the other Pacey Plaid because I cannot find a link to this one. Anyhoo - P2 is not my usual size but I really wanted to try this shirt before the return of final sale and it was the only size they had left. I actually like the way it fits except the arms are just a little too short. The fabric is fairly thick - in a good way - I actually quite liked it. I also like the vibrancy of the complementary colors - orange and blue - a nice and unusual combo for a plaid shirt. Wish those darn arms were longer in the petite. I think the body would be too long in the regular.

Close up of the colors - I'd say this is pretty true to the colors IRL.

 Boy Shirt in Dawson Plaid (size 0)
 I saw this in store and was attracted to the beautiful muted tones. This is a size down from my sort of normal shirt size at J Crew (who knows these days with all the crazy oversize fits) and there is still plenty of room. The material is quite thin and the shirt is LONG. I feel like I'm drowning in it a bit but it is beautiful.
 Ah. nice muted colors. My husband really liked this one but I'm not sure that it doesn't look too baggy. It comes in a scarf version which I'm pretty sure I'm destined to buy.

Boyfriend Flannel Shirt in Dark Plaid (size 0)
 Ok. This is seriously weird. I tried this shirt on last winter and returned it and then suddenly the other day there was a full size run available. It's been sold out for AGES! Even weirder is that the material feels totally different. The one I ordered last year was SOFT and fuzzy like an old flannel and this one almost felt rayon-y. The fit is just sort of off - the side slits are too high and the pocket are not exactly loving me.

I do love the different color combination. 

Other Plaid Shirts I'm contemplating:

Ugh. I love this dress because it's so darn cute and yet so darn comfortable and the vee is just low enough. The lace is REALLY nice. I would never have even thought to order the grey until I saw Gigi talking about it here.
I'd say this was TTS for me for shift dresses. I almost always go down a size when it's a shift. It's really lovely and a deal on sale right now! I might have to keep the grey and the navy!

I also tried Madewell's floral lace shift dress which is very cute and comfy but much thinner.

If you're looking for a slightly more bohemiam vibe check out this one from Nordstrom. I LOVE it. Definitely less dressy but probably more work appropriate for me.

I also love this Ella Moss version in a similar colorway. Definitely dressy and sexy with the detailing on the back. Check out this Lucky Brand version - again a little more casual but looks so comfortable and yet fun at the same time. Of course good ol' Forever 21 does a cute version for $17?!?!? And finally, this subdued one from White House Black Market is quite elegant.

Wondering what Black Friday will bring. I feel like I am usually disappointed by the major holiday promos at J Crew. Plus until that final sale goes away, I'm probably not going to bite on much. How about you?

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  1. I'm petite but sometimes the petite sizes are too short in the torso because of my proportions (and the sleeves are too long in regular sizing). Too bad I don't like the colors of the Pacey plaid, because it sounds like it'd fit me well!