Saturday, November 7, 2015

J. Crew Review: Good Deal: Shiny Downtown Field Puffer Jacket

I saw this on my work colleague the other day and immediately stopped her. She looked absolutely adorable and she mentioned it's quite warm as well. I tried hers on (because she's good like that) and I have to agree. Her coloring is darker than mine and the gray looked awesome on her. I didn't like it on me but I did like the navy.

So darn, tootin' cute. And it's 50% off! My friend mentioned she paid much more for it before it even went on sale and she doesn't regret it at all. This is the XXS because it was the only size they had left. I'm on the fence about the fit. It fits EXACTLY. I like the way it looks but I only had a shirt underneath. I definitely could not fit a sweater of any thickness. I could size up to an XS (my usual size) but I do love this super slim silhouette.

Anyway, either way check out this cute jacket. It's a downtown field but puffier and warmer, what's not to like?
There's also a vest version that I tried on which is equally as cute but not as fitted through the waist so I passed on it.
This Barbour jacket is similar and on sale. I feel like they are the source of the quilted jacket look. Here's another very similar Barbour one that is also awesome but also seriously not on sale.
This Michael Kors one is pretty darn cute too.

Go get your quilt on.

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