Thursday, April 2, 2015

I bought this so you didn't have to: J. Crew Blurred Ikat Drapey Pant

I have been eyeballing these pants in the sale section FOREVER. I just didn't want to risk it with final sale. Well, the 50% on them has gone away but so has the final sale so I decided to try.

Blurred Ikat Drapey Pant (size 2)

 I normally would not be drawn to this print but I really like it on the pant. Sort of fun and cool without drawing too much attention.  These do the same things that the Dutch Floral Pants did - create a little pouf on the front thigh (see 2nd photo). The pleating is done in an odd way although it didn't find it TOO terrible. Length is good if you are going for the pajama-y versus ankle pant look. Nice elastic waist in back but flat in front. LINED. What? Yes lined.

 Blurred Ikat Drapey Pant (Size 0)

 The size 0 (one size down) definitely fit better and helped in the pleating department. I'm trying to show that the side view is not quite as funky but it does still get a little "crotchy" as you move. I wish they had made these out of the same material as a Martie or the Dutch Floral pant. They are a really lightweight (read: static-y) polyester that feels like a fake silk. I'm just worried they'd always be sticking to me, especially in winter.
A lot of reviewers mentioned tight calves but I didn't notice this at all. When I bent down in a squat there is a bit of snugness because of the lack of give in the fabric but that's all I noticed.

Overall these are cute but I have to debate a) whether I need them b) if the fabric is going to drive me nutty and c) if they look good even with the slight pleating bagginess in front.

What do you think?


  1. I like the idea, but I would worry that they would feel hot in warmer weather because of the poly. I have a few things that look great with white or spring colors but are too warm to wear. They do look really nice on you...and I love the shoes!

  2. I really like the print and they do look good on you. I don't see the problem with the pleating. I think the print and wearing the top out must help. If you feel like you got a good deal on them, I vote for keeping them.