Thursday, April 9, 2015

Madewell Reviews: Spring Dresses and more

I haven't been to Madewell in forever. I love their slouchy casual vibe but that's totally working for me right now. While I still transition back to my normal pre-baby body (ha ha is there such a thing?) I'm preferring more streamlined silhouettes and a preppier vibe. I was, however, quite thrilled to catch my all time favorite printed denim in a bigger size the other day. Have no idea what these jeans are doing back on the website since they originally came out a year and a half ago but I'll take it.

They were still running extra 30% off sale in store so it is definitely worth poking around.

Silk Two-Piece Dress in Woodcut Paisley (size 2)
 I knew this would be a disaster on me but was curious anyway. This blousy top over dress silhouette has become popular but is not a great match for my body type. I didn't even mind the front view SO much but the side view was pretty preggorific.

The back is a cute detail but not for those of us who have to wear majorly supportive bras. At all times.

 Button-Down Shirtdress (XS)
 I loved this. It felt so good on - comfy and yet with a slim enough shape. It is a bit transparent but I would happily wear flesh-toned underwear and a cami underneath. I almost walked out with this but couldn't help think I looked a little too much like a nurse or lab technician in it.

 Pockets in the right place - no bulk added. Yahoo! What do you think of this one?

 Vista Shirtdress in Colorblock (XS)
Wanted to love this and it is quite cute overall. Crisp cotton. What was weird is that it was really tight across the chest and then HUGE at the hips. The pockets were sticking out and I can't even comment on the area around my bum in the side view. Perhaps would work on the less busty?

 Sleeveless Tee Dress in Stripe (XS)

 They basically had this same dress last year but just in the grey. I love it. So comfortable but doesn't look dumpy, easy cheesy could wear it to park or work. It's way too expensive right now but I think I will have to invest in it if it doesn't go on sale. I'm lifting my arm up to show you that there is a bit of bra exposure but nothing too terible.

 Trelliswork Eyelet Skirt in White Eyelet (Size S)
 This type of skirt is really popular right now. There are a few over at Anthropologie including this one that I have been wanting to try on. This was a size bigger than my usual and I could barely keep it up. Seems like it would add a bit too much bulk around my hips and waist. I would much rather try this one at Madewell.

 Alley Straight Jeans in Raw Wash (size 27)
 I had been curious about the Alley Straight and overall I like them. Medium rises seem to be really in right now but they don't work on me. I'm really short-waisted and I always get that pulling at the crotch (see photo #1) when I try to make it work. Overall the silhouette was nice and no waist gap! These are pretty slim for a straight fit which I like.

Some cute stuff right now. What do you think of the Button-Down Shirtdress? Debating that one!


  1. I like the Alley Straight jeans, too! Agree on the shirtdress - it does have a lab technician look to it. I think the pink skirt from J Crew knocked it out of the park. I hope you ordered that! :-)

    1. Thanks, Vava! I'm patiently waiting to get the skirt on sale. It doesn't seem to be selling out so I think I should be fine. Glad you liked it!

  2. The shirtdress looks great on you, but my immediate first thought was lab coat. I'm sure you can find cuter.

    1. Thanks, JRuby18, I needed to hear that. Unfortunate lab coat. It's a shame because the shape is cute and it is super comfortable but I totally agree with you. I need to remember more the phrase "you can do better" :)

  3. Madewell Reviews: Spring Dresses and more. I haven't been to Madewell in forever. I love their slouchy casual vibe but that's totally working for ...