Monday, April 27, 2015

Madewell Reviews: Embroidered V-Neck Top and Marled Button-Back Sweater

I fall in and out of love with Madewell. The IDEA of Madewell is appearing - laid back, cool, slouchy but skimming the body just right. A lot of the "drapiness" ends up looking like "dumpiness" on my body and sometimes I wonder who the clothes were intended for. Maybe a younger jetset? Nonetheless, I can always find a few things to love and who doesn't love their current 40% off sale promo? Here are a few things I recently tried:

Embroidered V-Neck Top (size XS) in Bleached Linen
 This is an "I love the idea of this top" top. There's nothing particuarly wrong with it I just didn't love it and I'm trying to get better about loving what I buy. The embroidery is quite cute and I like the hem. It felt slightly low cut in the front.

 Embroidered V-Neck Top (XS) in Dark Plum
 Same shirt in the dark plum color which I didn't like as much. It read more muddy brownish then purply/burgundy-ish.

 Embroidered V-Neck Top (XXS0 in Dark Plum
 I'm not sure if smaller is better in this case. It provided a little more shape but I'm not sure this kind of shirt is supposed to have much shape. On the up side, the cotton was soft and thicker than most little t-shirts and I appreciated that.

 Marled Button-Back Sweater (XS) (find it here and here as well)

 This is slouchy Madewell done well. So cute soft and comfortable. I'm a bit concerned about the extra material under my arms so I ordered the XXS to compare. I'll review that when it comes in. Love the little hem and the buttons down the back. Just a cute casual piece at a decent price point.

Did you grab anything during the 40% off sale?

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  1. I've been eying the Button Back sweater since it first showed up on-line. I think it's very cute and versatile. Good to know I may need to size down!