Monday, April 6, 2015

J. Crew Review: Pleat-front Mini Skirt

Ok. I have really wanted to get excited about something at J Crew - and I think I have finally found something! The reviews of this skirt are pretty mixed online but a lot of the complaining is about the length (at 5'4" it's perfect on me). The exposed zipper is not my fave but overall I think this skirt is a winner. Wish it came in other colors. Can't do neon green, black is a bit blah and this pink is leaning a bit towards pepto.

Pleat-front Mini Skirt (size 2) in Petal Pink
 The skirt is a fairly heavy weight but I really appreciated that. I think it helps the pleats to lay flatter. This style is really hit or miss on me but I wanted to give it a try. The exposed zip is blah de blah but the cute little box pleats are working.

 Pockets that don't add bulk, yippee!

 I think this skirt runs a bit big which is saying a lot since I'm still holding onto 5-7 pregnancy pounds and my waist is certainly not at its best. I'm trying to show that the waist is sagging down a bit in the left hand picture making the butt stick out a bit (duck butt as my mom used to call it. Nice). When I pinched the waist in a bit the skirt lay flatter in the front and back (RH pic). So, I think I would like to try a size 0 in this skirt (one size down).

Overall I think it is adorable and short enough to be cute without being inappropriate for work.

What do you think?


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    1. Thanks, Vava! I really liked it (one of the few things that really caught my eye this year at J Crew).

  2. hi ShoperaRach! Just got this same pink skirt thanks to your review, but still waiting for it to be delivered to me. ;) Do you like it and still wear it often? I was wondering what tops do you like wearing yours with? I was thinking printed tees, greys, white which of course goes with everything, dark top like in your pics above .....any other thoughts?