Sunday, April 26, 2015

J. Crew Review: Perforated Drapey Crepe Dress

Spring is almost, sort of, finally here and I am just getting ready to say hello to spring clothes! There's nothing I like more than walking into one of my favorite stores and seeing all the fresh new colors. While this neon persimmon color is a bit out of my comfort zone, it did make me want to go sit on the veranda (like we have one, ha) and sip a cocktail.

Perforated Drapey Crepe Dress (size 2)
 I would definitely throw a belt on with this. Those elastic waistbands don't do anyone any favors. Check out the model shot - even she could use some extra waist definition. The armholes are a bit gaping but I didn't mind on this style of dress. I will say there is something that feels cool about this piece.

 The left shot is the "Gigi heels"shot. I never think to bring heels with me to try-ons but I did learn the trick of pretending like I have them on. Gigi does this in most of her reviews and it's amazing how a little heel height can really change the fit of a garment. There are pockets that don't add bulk on this one - yay. It is slightly low cut so perhaps not work appropriate without a cami but everything else is pretty subdued. I REALLY like this dress but am not loving the colors. Black is sort of boring, the walnut color I have not seen IRL, and this color is a bit too bold. Plus it is constantly sold out online and not on sale. What's a girl to do?

Have you tried on this dress? What do you think?


  1. so glad to find a review of the dress finally....I can now stop stocking it. The too low neck and the huge underarm just ruined it. You do such fantastic reviews ....thanks soo much

  2. Thx for the mention!! I tried it on and it's very cool. I agree with all of your points, incl elastic waist. Although I thought that kind of worked on ppl w/defined waists. I think the issue is they cut the torso too full/wide on the dress. I'll have to look for my pics and throw up my review.