Tuesday, April 28, 2015

J. Crew Sale - 40%

Just some quick reviews while there is 40% in place. Unfortunately, not much for me this go-round...

Double Stripe-Sweatpant (XS) in Heather Carbon
I so badly want a pair of "cool" sweatpants if there is such a thing. These are totally fine and quite comfortable but the back view is so diaper-y. I would wear them around the house but not out and about. I like the little stripes on the side and the material. TTS.

 Jet-Set Geo Mini Skirt (size 2)
I love a good mini skirt and this one is definitely cute. I feel like this pattern will be something you can wear in the future and not a trendy gone in a year type thing. The fit was okay on me. When I moved I felt like I got a bit of bagginess in the crotch area. Love the little notches at the hemline. TTS.

More pics - it is cute. Just not a have to have for me.

 Laine Suede Boots
These are so cute. Even my husband said - wow those are sexy! Unfortunately my bunions and J crew's narrowness are not a match made in heaven. If you have normal feet, however, these are fantastic. Remind me of Madewell's Billie Boot which I have an adore.

Painter Tee with Zips (XS) in Navy Bronzed Brown

At first I wasn't too sure about the colors but I liked it once I got it on. Then I wasn't so sure about the zips. I'm still not so sure. I like the overall fit of the shirt and the width of the stripes but I can't quite figure out the zips. I have another similar shirt to this from a few years ago and I love it. These zips make the neckline quite high but when you unzip them it looks really strange. What do you think?

 Embroidered Lace Top in Light Blush (size 2)

I loved the idea of this. The embroidery is so beautiful and the color is perfect for spring. It runs REALLY big. I think it would look better on someone with less of a chest so it didn't pouf out so much. Definitely size down at least 1 if not several sizes on this one. The cotton was nice.

 Jet-Set Geo Shift Dress (size 2)
I went it to the store planning on buying this one. Shift dressed work for me right now as I try to rehabilitate my poor post-pregnancy abs. I still like this dress but I don't know why they had to do those zippes all the way to the top. They are so darn cold and I knew this would bother me. Poo. Would love this dress in another print and with only partial zippes. The fit was nice and quite comfortable.

Looking forward to trying on some new spring stuff soon. How about you?

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  1. I do love those Laine boots. How nice of you husband to notice how cute they are. I'm with you, must go with comfort, though.

    Glad to see the Jet-Set Geo mini isn't too short. I really like that print and the skirt is my favorite item in it.

    Thanks for the reviews.