Thursday, March 12, 2015

J. Crew Review: Spring New Arrivals!

It's amazing how one day of warmer weather and melted snow will change your spirits. Ahh... it was so nice to be outside and have a light jacket on, and sun on my face! My poor baby barely knows what the outdoors is at this point. I took her to the library the other day and I think it almost blew her mind - she pretty much knows the inside of our car and the four walls of our house :)

Anyway - J Crew was certainly reflecting spring and I think they are starting to do some things right!

Photo Floral Tank Top (XS)
I was immediately drawn to this top in the most recent rollout. It's very cute but the pink is rather blah with my skin tone. The fit is right on in my usual XS. Liked a lot but would prefer on someone with a darker skin color.

 Indigo Stripe Floral Baseball Tee (S)
Love a good baseball tee. This one is fine and onsale but nothing to get excited about. Somehow felt the floral stripe section added weight to my arms.

Same tee, different name, grey. I would probably take an XS in this (my usual size) in anticipation of the eventual weaning and return of normal bosoms. I liked it a bit better in grey.

 Aquatic Floral Silk Dress (size 4)
Ok. So this is absolutely lovely. The silk feels REALLY nice and the colors are so sweet - slightly minty. I'm almost sure this was a size 4 and it fit perfectly in the waist and bust which means this dress might run slightly small in the waist but probably fairly big in the chest. The neckline is perfect and the waist hit me exactly at the right spot. This dress is really special and would be great for a summer wedding/event/cocktail party whatever. I am not personally so drawn to the print but if you are this dress is fabulous!

 Double-Stripe Cap-Sleeve Dress in Black Natural (size 2)
This dress is more my personal style. It is very snug in my usual size 2 but I think that's the unrehabbed abs and breastfeeding talking. I think it's super cute and I even like the slightly longer length. The little cap sleeves were adorable. The material had a nice linen-y feel to it but not thin at all.

 Martie Pant (size 2)
My other pictures of these got messed up. This are great. I don't feel like they are like the minnies at all - they are fitted but not TIGHT like the minnies are on me. Very flattering. They are not quite a match for me at this point in my pregnancy recovery because they have a small waistband and that is not working for my mummy tummy. There is also a bit of extra material in the crotch area which I am finding with lots of pants right now. Not sure if it's me or them. Ha ha.

Striped Side-Zip Tee Dress (XS and S)

Size XS above. Size S on the left. I soooo wanted this dress to work. The Xs felt a little snug for this type of dress. The S did weird things along the zipper line. It's like the dress needs to be a little tight so the zipper doesn't bulge out along the side. On the right I am trying it as a slightly unzipped tunic. Me no likey.

XS again. I love the shoulder detail but that darn zipper kept on bulging a bit. Plus the snugness. Plus that zipper is heavy and COLD. I knew I wouldn't reach for it in my closet. Why couldn't they do this but with small zippers like the maritime dress. Boo.

I also tried on a really lovely skirt but my computer didn't want to download the images. I'll try again and post later.

Anything from the most recent rollout that you are loving?


  1. The stripe cap sleeve dress looks amazing on you!! I'm between that and the pencil skirt...I just love the dress!! I am liking the laser cut midi skirt and now that stripe dress is a must try! Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks for the reviews. The floral top is very pretty. I agree, the striped dress looks amazing on you!

  3. I also loved the striped dress but couldn't get over the weird feeling of the cold zippers on my legs!! That made it a big no for me, unfortunately :( I LOVE that aquatic floral print though

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