Tuesday, March 10, 2015

J. Crew Review: Chunky Trim Cardigan, Ankle-Zip Cargo Pant, Cuffed Lightweight Chambray Pant, Floral Sailor Tee and Soaring Birds Tee

Excuse the exercise pants in these photos - time is scarce these days and I try to fit as much in as possible when I have a babysitter and I'm not working. Had the privilege of going to the gym AND having some time for shopping. Dare a girl dream? Here are a few things I found:

 Soaring Birds Tee (XXS)
I love birds so I couldn't resist trying this on. It's your typical J Crew t-shirt fare but I really liked it. The shiny birds are a cute touch. I thought it was visually slimming yet not grabby so I did end up taking this one home. We'll see how it fares after a wash in the machine.

 Floral Sailor Tee (XS)
I was actually surprised by how cute I thought this was. Excuse my frog legs in the left picture. It took me a while to get over my fear of exercise tights but they are super comfortable to work out in. On the whole I try to work out in them and then change into something else but did not have time. I adore stripes and was tempted by this but it is a little cropped. Not sure I need something cropped right now.

 Chunky Trim Open Cardigan (XS/S) in Wet Boulder?

There are pockets on the side and while this is super cool it also adds some bulk. We've seen this cardigan from J Crew a lot - I think I would have preferred no pockets and slightly longer. That being said, it's a nice thick cotton.

 Ankle-Zip Cargo Pant (size 0)
They didn't have a size 2 to try on which is my current J Crew size. Post-baby I went back up to a size 2 and I'm not sure if it's those extra 4 pounds or if it's a permanent hip widening. Realllllly hoping for the former not the latter :) I couldn't even bear to include the butt photo. Non bueno. I would go with your regular size for these. I felt super diapery up top.

Cuffed Lightweight Chambray Pant (size 2)
These are so crazy. I think some people are really enjoying them but they were terrible on me. OMG that back view - grandpa butt. The rise is super high for me. Lots of extra material in that area and then the legs slim to the ankle. The elastic at the bottom is a turn off for me. The material flows nicely - has sort of a silvery color to it. The flap pockets also don't work on me.

I couldn't even believe the amount of new arrivals in the sale section! Everything firework floral related plus many many more. Not needing anything right now but hoping for some spectactular prints for the summer.


  1. Thanks for the reviews! I was underwhelmed by all of these in person. The cuffed chambray pants were terrible on me, and on second try I hated the ankle zip cargo pants on me too. The chunky trim open cardigan should have been a win, because I liked the previous version so much, but this one has dropped shoulders so I didn't try it on. It looks really good on you, though, so maybe I should give it a try. The tees you tried look cute, but I'm trying to reign in my J. Crew novelty tee buying. I get tired of them too fast so I'm trying to stick to the solids.

  2. Ooh, sounds like the cuffed chambray pants will make it to 2nd cut. I loved them and will wait. I agree w/cate on avoiding novelty tee buying. Heck, novelty buying in general. In other news, I hope to boot up my Mummy Tummy DVD in the next week or two. I only worked w/the coach via Skype for awhile and never worked w/the Tupler DVD. Will let you know if I get to it :)

  3. hi do you know if xsmall small size is the same as medium petite size ?

    1. valentina:

      XS = PS
      S = PM

      Hope that helps :)