Tuesday, March 3, 2015

J. Crew Slouchy Merino Sweater Review

I definitely like the slouch these days. Anything to cover up the parts I'm still working on post-baby. I never noticed this sweater when it was new but was drawn to it in the sale section. It's a lighter knit and yet a tight knit. Drop shoulders aren't as noticeable since it's thinner and drapes better.

Slouchy Merino Sweater (XXS) in Shoreline Ivory
 I've been wearing a LOT of gray and navy and thought I should at least try a lighter blue. This is a pretty color for sure but not as pretty as it looks on my monitor. You know that shade of blue that every man who works in an office has in a button down shirt? It's sort of like that shade. I wish it looked more like the color on my monitor. As you can see this is an XXS and there is still plenty of room. The nice thing about that band at the bottom is you can push it up and make the sweater look more like a crew or pull it down and have it be a little more tunic-y. The sleeves are tight but not in a bad way. I actually like tight sleeves when you are wearing a sweater with this much volume.

 Slouchy Merino Sweater (XS) in Pewter Sandstone

The dolman sleeves are not my favorite. I don't know why it's impossible to do slouchy with normal sleeves. It doesn't bother me a ton because I don't go around posing with one hand on the hip all the time but I like to have the option. Now that I see these pictures I almost prefer the XS but I think it's just the way I have it on. I think you could go with your actual size or size down or even size down twice depending on how slouchy and how long you want this thing. I would love to try the petite version on as I'm looking for more of a slouchy crew rather than a tunic.

What do you think? Do you own this sweater? What size did you buy?

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