Monday, March 9, 2015

J. Crew Review: Dutch Floral Pant

This was pretty much the only thing I was interested in during one of J Crew's releases earlier this year. I love me some crazy print pants and this print is to die for. I kept on meaning to order these when final sale wasn't around but never remembered to. Then, they came back in my size + 40% and I wondered what to do. I pretty much never gamble on final sale any more (although I've been lucky on the whole) but I couldn't resist with these. I had a gift card so technically they weren't costing me anything (ha ha) and since they weren't too pricey I could easily take them to my tailor and not feel too bad. After reading reviews I decided to size down and here are the results:

J. Crew Dutch Floral Pant (size 0)
 Ok. Whew. Not a disaster. In fact I really like these and am glad I sized down. The only weird thing (which I don't know is because I sized down or not) is that the rise feels slightly low and the seam sort of pulls a bit underneath me. I feel like these pants want to be worn slightly higher but that seam makes me wear them lower on my hips. Just fyi. There are pleats and I wish they weren't there but they are not a disaster. If you look at the side view you can see a little bump on my quad. That's the result of the pleating up top. I'm going to try to get that fixed by my tailor.

 Pockets that don't add bulk - yahoo!
 With heels - SO much better. I actually think they're pretty flattering. In the right hand picture I am pulling the pants back on the left side to make the leg slimmer. I don't actually think it needs this but for reference.

Side view with heels. A bit of pooling of fabric at the top of foot but not bad.

I tried to tuck the right side under so that the pant hits more ankle length (did not do very good job).

Foot to the left has tucked pant leg, other leg is the normal one.

So here are the big questions. Do I try to get the pleats taken out? Do I just try to sew them down a bit so I don't get the poufiness on the front of the leg? Do I just leave them alone? The other thing I'm struggling with is whether or not to leave them a bit long and slouchy like pajama pants or to have them cuffed to the ankle to make them a bit sleeker.



  1. I bought these too sizing down 1. I think they are supposed to be looser and a bit slouchy but not sloppy. I wore mine with a black cashmere crewneck that was a bit longer than some not at all cropped and the longer length held those pleats in check. You can't beat the comfort as they feel like you are wearing your pjs!

    1. Totally! I was surprised and relieved to see how much I liked them. I agree that slouchy not sloppy is the way to go. thanks for chiming in!