Tuesday, July 2, 2013

J Crew Review: Summer continues with a few new arrivals

Cannot believe it is almost July 4th. I feel like summer vacation just started. I wish the summer fashions at J Crew had been a little more appealing. I find myself stocking up on basics (cafe capris, shorts) but not really attracted to that many other things. What is up with their prints? Not loving them. Hopefully will bring some better goodies...

Rugby-Stripe Tank Dress (XS)
Great for the beach but I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable wearing it just around town. Unless I lived close to the beach :). It's made of a rather dense terry cloth which was nice for retaining a shape. I'm not loving these straps that are sort of half racerback half normal. Pick a team.

 Rugby-Stripe Dress in Navy (XXS)
I like the way the XXS fits on the body but the length is obscene. Plus this colorway is so dark it reads more prisoner than chic lady about town. Maybe prisonwear is their new thing (see my review of the boyfriend popover in placed stripe)

Embroidered Stripe Tank (XS)
I like the particular shade of blue they chose for the embroidery. Very Grecian looking to me. It's a nice way to dress up a basic tank. It is that slight racerback style again.

Eyelet Peasant Top in Neon Rose (size 0)
I'm always drawn to the peasant tops but they really don't do much for me. The eyelet on the sleeves and neckline is lovely and the shirt is a nice lightweight cotton. I think I look pregnant from the side. The front is fine in the picture but definitely made me feel a bit frumpy. Darn.

 Linen Botanical Tank (XS)
I'm on the fence with this one. My bra does peek out in the back but I love the overall fit and material of this tank. Mmmm.... linen in the summer. The leaf graphic is gorgeous - I love the slightly stylized slightly life-like detail. The bananas I'm not sore sure about. Something seems sort of obscene about them draping over my chest  - I know it's ridiculous but it just felt a bit strange.

 Lightweight Terry Tee in Floral Anchor (XXS)
I tried this on almost as a joke and then I love it! I'm pretty sure this was an XXS but I actually don't remember. Judging from how snug it is I would say yes. The fit is so lovely and flattering. If you are looking for a slouchier layering piece, take your usual size. I'm realizing I'm sort of into anchors. I think I'd prefer it without the flora but still... super cute. Better yet just make the terry tee without the anchor so I can replace my short-sleeved sweatshirt tee from last year that looks like total cr*p.

 Painter Tee in Colorblock (size S)
This is one size up from my usual size (as is often the case with tees at J Crew) and it is just adorable. Love the contrasting colors at the neckline and cuffs. Comfy, soft, cute. Yes.

 No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Neon-Piped Seersucker (size 00)
I'm finding pencil skirts to run a bit big this season so I wanted to try one size down from my usual on this one. Definitely too snug. Still an adorable skirt. The neon piping is a subtle but fun detail.

A few unexpected finds this time. What are your latest favorites?

 Skinny Utility Chino in Faded Black (size 0)


  1. Thanks for doing all these reviews! I like both tanks on you, the painter tee and seersucker skirt. I have the banana tank and love it (now that I've gotten used to the bananas on my chest, haha). It's great for layering under a shirt or jacket and probably that's how I'll mostly wear it.

    1. Thanks, ABC! I love the banana tank on you - it looks really lovely. This whole tropical thing at J Crew is sort of a pass for me this year. I normally adore their summer prints but am not particularly moved this season!

  2. I love the Lightweight Terry Tee. I thought "nope, not for me" when I saw it and then tried it on. I can't wait until I can wear it again (wore it on my trip to NYC) when the weather cools down in NEVER. Thanks for the reviews!

    1. Ha! I know it is so darn cute that I'm thinking of picking it up during this promo. I wore the short-sleeved sweatshirt constantly last year and I think this would be a good replacement. I actually like the material a lot better.

  3. I agree about the banana tank. When I first saw it I thought the print was of some lovely yellow orchids and I was drawn to the bold graphic and the luscious color. When I figured out the graphic was of bananas, I didn't like it at all.

    I bought the striped pencil skirt. I think it's a very pretty, versatile piece. It looks great on you.

    Thanks so much for all the reviews. As always, your detailed comments are very helpful.

    1. I'm glad you bought the skirt - I think it is a true summer classic and the piping just gives it a little pizazz. You are so welcome for the reviews - I really enjoy doing them and am glad that they are helpful!