Sunday, July 21, 2013

J Crew Review: shorts and some liberty

I've slacking on the blog as of late but I'm trying to turn that around this week. New arrivals are coming and the sales have been absolutely insane! I walked out of Madewell the other day (reviews coming) with 2 pairs of jeans, a pair of Keds, a sweater and a linen tee for $60! At J Crew I somehow walked away with a cashmere boyfriend sweater (currently full price online) for $36! It's really irresistible but I think I'll have to take a break after this.

Anyway, more reviews forthcoming but here are 2 little summer goodies I tried on a while back:

Lightweight Bermuda Short in Peacock Blue (size 0) currently online for $19.99
I bought some 4" chino shorts earlier this summer, and while I love them, I do sometimes long for a little more coverage. I thought these might fit the bill but instead of feeling chic I felt sort of mumsy and dumpy. I have some other "surfer" length shorts that I love but I think these miss the mark because of their width. If you're going to go long, you have to go slim.

 Liberty Popover in Matilda Tulip Floral (size 0)
 I'm still kicking myself for not holding on to the Liberty Floral Eve popover but I just couldn't justify the price. Now I'm sad that it's all sold out! I thought I'd try this one on for size, literally, as the size 2 in the other popover felt a bit roomy. It confirmed what I thought, sizing down is not an option for the infinitely busty. Although I don't love the print I liked the shirt on way more than I thought I would. The colors look really great with a tan (which sadly with my SPF 5000 I do not have) and I think this is a great little summer shirt.

Lots more reviews to come this week including Madewell and some surprise Liberty from Brooks Brothers!

What have you gotten during all the summer sale madness?


  1. I'm in the exact same boat wrt the Floral Eve popover--adore the print, but I can't justify $100 for a shirt. Plus, San Francisco summer doesn't really permit "summer clothes" so I've been spending a ton of money on pre-fall stuff at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

  2. I just got the Liberty popover today, and really like it too! I thought the same thing; it looks awesome w/my (light) summer tan. My local b&m (Towson, MD) had plenty of them last wk, if you're after one, but they were still fp.