Monday, July 15, 2013

J. Crew - a few new arrivals before fall...

I popped in today to make a return and was sort of surprised to see the 40% off still going on. Nothing lures me in like almost 50% off but there isn't much to pick up and try on anymore. This, of course, begins the cycle of - well I didn't buy it before but maybe I should try it on more time because now it's only $20! Grrr... I do often fall prey to this mentality. Mostly I scored some Crewcuts basics for my little lady so that felt like a success. Who can turn down a $6 jackie cardigan in purple?

My SA said that new arrivals come next Wednesday and that she expects that the 40% off will continue. She also mentioned that J Crew starts to cycle some of its sale clothing around to stores that sell well to clear out the inventory so don't dismay if your sale section is looking a little empty. It may be replenished!

Here are a few newer items that I tried.

Stripe Ponte Dress (size 2)
 I knew this style wouldn't work for me but tried it on anyway. It's quite snug and the seaming makes me a little self conscious about the size of my chest. I think it would cuter on a less busty lady but the seam at the waist really bothered me. It sort of dips down creating a bizarre effect. Also, for a summer style, the fabric is a bit thick. No more high necks, please, J Crew!

 Desert Floral Short (size 0)
 Oh lord. I am slowly making friends with shorts because it's so darn hot and I want want want to wear them, but, 3" is a no go. I basically felt naked. Plus, the shorts this year seam to have a slimmer leg. While this is flattering, it makes me feel overexposed when the inseam is so short. I think this print could be pretty versatile but it didn't personally appeal to me. Perhaps on slightly darker skin?

 Schoolboy Blazer in Navy (size 2)
 I'm not a big fan of the schoolboy blazer but I loved this one! I'm not sure what made the difference but I felt like it was quite flattering and comfortable. I feel like it fits better through the shoulder area. Anyway, nothing to get super excited about as it is just a navy blazer but if you're looking for one, this is quite delightful.

 Striking my corporate pose. Or something like that.

 Cafe Capri in Rope Print (size 0)
 This is a size up from my normal size in cafe capri but that's because I usually size down in them. I feel like you can go either way with these depending on your personal comfort level. The print is cute and would be a good work basic. Pretty true to size for cafe capris. Right now it's so hot I don't really want anything close to my skin so I was happy with the 0.

 Merino Tippi Sweater in Mixed Stitch (S)
 YAY! Loveliness in a Missoni-like form! I think this sweater is absolutely adorable. The pink trim is a wonderful shade of fuchsia instead of the neon pink they've been doing. My SA said that there was going to be a lot of that in the initial fall rollout and I'm excited to see it. The top stripes are sort of a mint color. I sized up on this one and it was still pretty snug. Love the wider neckline. Adore. So cute. Might sell quite quickly since it's priced fairly reasonably for J Crew.

 Merino Tippi Sweater in Embroidered Flowers (XS)
I'm not so into the embroidered Tippi thing but the colors on this drew me in. Sort of lavendar and mauve. A nice transition piece from summer to fall. Fit is typical Tippi. I know the Tippi has been quite successful but I wish they would lower the neckline a bit. Please, for us bigger busted ladies. So much more flattering.

I have to admit I am not ready to even try on fall clothes yet. I tried on a pair of jeans tonight and could barely pull them on due to the heat and humidity. Yuck. Maybe those 3" shorts will appeal to me after another day of this... :)

What do you like of the newer arrivals?


  1. I'm with you on wanting wider, lower necklines. I don't think high crew necks are the most attractive shape even for us flat chested gals.
    The Merino sweater is very pretty on you. When I saw it on-line, I wasn't sure about the pattern. I thought it might be too busy, but it's really cute. Good to know that I should probably size up.
    The only thing I tried were the Utility Chinos. I sized down after reading a recommendation to do so, but found them to be too tight in an unflattering way. I think my usual size is back ordered now.
    I think the Geometric Eyelet top is interesting, although I think a cami would be a necessity for me.
    Thanks for the reviews!

  2. Thanks for the tip about J. Crew replenishing sale stuff! I appreciate your reviews on new items coming in for fall. I especially like the floral shorts, the print is gorgeous! I have that navy school boy blazer and it is really versatile.