Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Anthropologie Reviews: The tag sale ramps up with 20% off

An extra percentage off! So exciting. I think I got spoiled about a year and a half ago when Anthro was doing constant free shipping and percent off promos. 50% became a common thing. Now we just get regular sales so any little extra percent off is nice. I'm not really finding much I have to have right now but I always enjoy shopping at Anthro. The smell alone draws me in (what is it that all their clothes smell like?)

Modern Composition Dress (size XS)
In theory, this dress should be quite slimming. I thought the way the stripes curved in at the waistline would be very flattering. I actually thought it made me look sort of thick. The black and white stripes are also a bit too harsh for my taste. I do like the colors on the bottom. Fits true to size.

 Cora Eyelet Blouse (XS)
This is a sweet little blouse. Similar to J Crew's Eyelet Peasant Top. I find the lines of this blouse more flattering, however. The armholes are quite low so if that's something that bothers you, this is not the blouse for you. The color IRL is more vibrant than the website shot.

 Level 99 Slim Twill Crops (size 26) in Thistle
These are pictured above as well. They are cute but REALLY tight. I don't think I needed the next size up, it's the material they are made out of. On the thinner side with loads of spandex so there is no hiding in these. I think I would prefer them in a darker color. The buttons on the bottom sides are a cute detail.

 Astral Swing Skirt (size 2) in Nude
Empty Nest Pullover (XS)
I love anything with birds and the color is great but this sweater is a bit too silly for me. I like the fit - close to the body but not too tight, perhaps a little short. The skirt is interesting - looks like a faux leather and fits like a skater skirt. The length isn't obscene, which is appreciated, but I felt a bit silly. Good for someone younger. I think for this type of skirt, the style is executed quite well.

 Devi Pencil Skirt (size 8)
Devi Pencil Skirt - how I love your patterns! How I hate your fit and material. When I first picked this up, I thought it was a mistake because it's made out of that polyester that you only find in vintage shops. The size 8 was too big but when I ordered the 4 it was obscenely small. Plus, the material bunches up at the end of the zipper line. Not well made at all. Boo. Why couldn't they make this in cotton or silk?

Unknown Tank
I believe this was by Tiny but I can't remember. I tried it on simply because it stood out as something a bit different. The top is thick and made out of a shimmery gold material. It's definitely interesting but I can't imagine where I would wear it.

 Aveiro Safari Shirt in Green (size 2)

Sorry for the blur. I prefer this shirt without the belt, as the belted way is too 80's Banana Republic to me. The material is soft and drapes well and I love the little gold buttons. Overall, a nice shirt.

Level 99 Wide-Legs in Pink (size 26)
I really liked these and despite that the rear-end shot implies, they felt a little big in my regular size. After reading online reviews, I learned that they stretch out considerably after a little wear so perhaps that is what I was experiencing. I like the fuller leg, higher rise and longer length. Could be quite elegant with heels.

Find any good bargains at the tag sale?


  1. Thanks a million for your reviews! Love your candid (and hilarious) comments.

    1. Thanks, Cerulean_dream! Clearly I enjoy trying on clothes, even if I go home with nothing!

  2. Ha- I popped in to check what the name of the mod striped chemise that you tried on awhile back. Just found one for 19.95 plus the 20%...pretty happy about that! Also found a piped lace pencil skirt, which I really wanted, so thrilled about that too. Otherwise I have only found a few full price items lately I had to have...I guess it balances out.

    I bought the twill crops last week, and was assured by the SA that they stretch out quite a bit so I bought them in a 26 (haven't worn a size 26 since grade six!) so you may want to size down in those. The khaki heatherette colour is dreamy- I am not a lover of pants but these are delightful. Sold out super quickly in my store.

    I really like the safari shirt- looks lovely and soft...

    1. I'm so jealous! I paid $30 for the mod-stripe which I think is a fair price but you really got it for a steal! I think the dress will be a no-brainer once the weather cools down. So comfy and good for those bloated who care days.

  3. Thanks for the reviews! I really like the Modern Composition dress, but they didn't have it at my Anthro. I did pick up one dress (not sure the name) and the Leifsdottir Seaside blouse (with the birds on it) on sale.

    I agree it would be nice if Anthro had bigger sales more often and free shipping too!

    1. Love the Seaside blouse (anything with birds really). The Modern Composition dress is so interesting but I think it would look better on someone with a smaller chest.