Monday, July 22, 2013

Brooks Brothers - Liberty and Seersucker Shirts

I don't shop at Brooks Brothers that often but I can absolutely appreciate their quality and timelessness. One thing they do really well are shirts. They are fitted so perfectly and have such lovely details and pure cotton fabrics. Really lovely. They often skirt the line between beautiful and a bit stodgy but I found a few the other day that were perfect!

Tailored Seersucker Shirt (size 2)
 This shirt is currently on sale for around $44. The fit is impeccable. Enough room for the girls but nipped in at the waist, shaped at the back and a perfect bum-covering length. The seersucker is so lovely and light but not totally see-through. I'm normally not a pink girl but I love this sweet shade.

 Floral Print Blouse (size 2)
 Ooooo, Liberty. Again this shirt fits perfectly. Almost too perfectly - I maybe should have considered sizing up. Anyway, the print is just adorable and I think this is the perfect length to be tucked into a lovely pencil skirt (perhaps my Pinwheel Eyelet from J Crew?) It's refreshing to find beautifully tailored shirt in fun prints from another retailer!

Floral Print Blouse (size 4)
 This is a size up giving it a more casual feel. This print is equally as gorgeous but I never really wear short-sleeved buttondowns. Somehow I always feel a bit awkward in them. Plus, since I'm a teacher, I'm basically wearing sundresses and t-shirts all summer. The blue color in the print is just gorgeous.

Do you ever shop at Brooks Brothers?

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