Tuesday, July 23, 2013

J. Crew Review: What the sale?

Bargains galore. I can't even believe how much things are going for at J Crew these days. I bought a few things when the 40% off started and they are already greatly reduced again! I'm trying to choose carefully but it's hard when you can get a nice little linen tee for about $10. Anyway, here are some things I saw on my latest trip to the Crew.

Linen Color Study Tee (XS)
It has been soooo hot these past couple weeks that the idea of a linen tee is highly appealing. I like the muted colors and the looser fit. It looks fine in the photo but I definitely felt like I needed the XXS. Unfortunately, because of the insane 40% off and low prices, there weren't any left. I definitely recommend sizing down on this one. Nice neckline. 

 Linen Amor Tee (XS)
This also cute but I don't love the placement of the graphic. I feel like it comes too close to the neckline. Also maybe for a slightly younger person? Still, if it had been in my size I probably would have gotten in since I'm so desperate to wear clothing that is as breathable as possible :)

Collection Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater (size M, XS, M)
Okay. This was my deal of the century. First off this sweater is lovely and you can pretty much do any size you want because the overall effect is supposed to be oversized. The navy was on sale for $79.99 and is still full price online!!!! I actually ordered an XS over the red phone and somehow got it for $36. Don't even ask.

 Collection Cashmere Boyfriend Sweater (XXS, M and XS)
with Toothpick Jean in Geometric Print (size 27)
I thought I would want to size down on this one but the XXS was too tight in the arms and too short. I liked the slouchier feel of the XS. I almost considered sizing up to a small for even more slouch. I've tried these pants on before and keep on coming back to them. There's something sophisticated about them. I saw an older lady wearing them at the MFA with a lovely silk top and she looked like a million bucks. I have to try to resist any more printed jeans though.

Liberty Peter-Pan Shirt in Saeed Floral (Size 2)
Usual fare for J Crew button downs. It's very cute but the color was a bit too pink cutesy for me. I also don't do short sleeved button downs because I just don't feel like they a) get enough use in the summer and b) look that good on me. Make me feel a bit nerdy. Where's my pocket protector? This is just my own personal hangup mind you.

 Collection Pinwheel Eyelet Top (XS) in Vanilla
I love the pinwheel eyelet pattern but I thought this blouse made me look hefty. Too high on the neckline, too poufy on the sleeve. And the back is plain. Pass for me.

 Desert Floral Racer Tank (size 2)
I was surprised to like this as much as I did. The print is great with a tan (which I sorely lack). I can't do racerbacks because apparently no one feels like making them for the more healthily endowed. Alas, the shape is flattering to the ol' shoulders but I can't tolerate bra straps that are hanging out.

These are apropos of nothing except that they are freaking adorable and of course I had to buy a pair for my daughter. For $9.99 - 40%, I think that's a pretty good deal.

Oh please, 40% I love you but I need you to go away. At least I'm able to stock up on some good summer stuff. Now I'm saving my pennies for the beautiful new Liberty Popover in Strawberry Thief Floral. Yum. 


  1. Thanks for the review of the short sleeve Saeed floral top. I am really lacking short sleeved tops but I agree, it is a little too pink and I LOVE pink, normally. :)

  2. wow-what an incredible deal on the sweater! Were any other colors marked that low? Love the linen tee (first one). I've been trying to stay away from the store until the 40% is over, but it's so tempting...