Monday, March 28, 2016

J. Crew Review: Perforated Drapey Side-Slit Dress, Tippi in Fair Isle, Long-Sleeve Multistripe Painter T and Thomas Mason Stewart Plaid Shirt

These are some oldies but goodies that I have been meaning to post for a while. We are approaching end of year and lots of concerts so I have my nose to the grindstone but I'll try to keep a few reviews coming!

Tippi Sweater in Fair Isle (size S)

I thought this was weird that was still left in a pretty good size run in the sale section. I think it's really nice, maybe the nicest of the fair isles offered this season (and I do love a good fair isle). I always size up in Tippis and I would consider going to a medium on this one. I like a little slouch. It's quite lovely - recommended.

Perforated Drapey Side-Slit Dress (Size 0)
Check out my instagram for better pics of this (@shoperarach). This version (as opposed to the original version which was offered in orange, black and sort of a pinkish brown) is longer waisted which I really like. It looks terrible here but when you throw a belt on it allows a little blousiness on top which is much more flattering. If I kept this one I would get it hemmed a bit. I love the idea of a midi but the length is really tough. Heels help.

 Petite Perforated Drapey Side-Slit Dress (size P4)
The length on this is MUCH better but now it's really short-waisted again. Looks fine in the photos I guess but I know I would be pulling it down every 5 seconds. Love this color - not quite as eye-catching as the blue but much easier to wear IMO.

Ok, here we go. Heels and a belt. See the improvement?

Heels and a belt again but too short-waisted (and by the way I am quite short-waisted).

 Long-Sleeve Multistripe Painter T-Shirt (size S)
Was on the fence about this one but I really do like it a lot. I don't actually feel I can own too many striped shirts since I wear them ALL the time. I went up a size in this because I didn't want it skin tight and I think that was the right call.

Thomas Mason Flannel Shirt in Stewart Plaid (size 0)
This is very cute. The regular stewart plaid didn't really work for me. Plus I own the old one so I think I'll just stick to that. I sized down in this shirt (I'm usually a 2 but am taking a 0 more often in J Crew shirts ) and it doesn't feel too tight at all. It's a nice flannel although not that super soft yummy flannel like this one. If I had a real need for a flannel shirt, this would be a keeper. But of course that isn't the case ;).

Those are it for now. Have some collection reviews coming up and hopefully I'll get to a store on Saturday to try some of the new arrivals! Happy Spring!

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