Monday, April 4, 2016

Banana Republic Reviews: Spring has arrived and it is lovely!

Busy busy busy. That marks this time of year, basically until the school year ends. And sleepy sleepy sleepy. Whew, I get those kids down and all I want to do is crawl in my bed, cuddle with the cat and snooze. Plus it is snowing here today, a lot! What the what? There is some crazy stuff going on...

Anyway, I've mostly been ordering some things and trying them on at home since I haven't had much time to actually hit the shops and one of my new faves has been Banana Republic. They are really making some cute stuff lately.
Love these new Sloan Pants in the Geo print. I didn't give them much mind when I saw them online but really like them on my body. I liked the way the size 2 fit but am going to try the Petite version (which is $79.99 + 40% off right now) since the length is usually better. Plus I seem to be settling firmly between a 0 and a 2 at most retailers so a P2 is really splitting the difference for me.
These denim shorts are also adorable - just the right amount of distressing and very comfortable. Size down at least 1 size. Also loving the Ryan-Fit Floral Pant (again the P2 fit me best). And my biggest love is this Dillon-Fit Pindot Shirt (took my usual XS) that is a great way to pattern mix with just about anything. Not on sale in stores but $48.99 + 40% off online.
I'll try to post pics of those items soon. In the meantime, here are some items I made it to the store to try on.

Floral Strappy Dress (size 2)
I felt like a lovely ballerina in this dress. The skirt needed to be ironed better - it was poufing out at the hips but mostly because they had just unpacked it. My usual size 2 JUST fit. It was mostly tight across the chest which makes sense since I am pretty busty. The waist was also just fitting.

Nonetheless gorgeous. Would be so nice for a summer wedding with a little shawl or cardigan.

 Gerber Daisy Pencil Skirt (size 0)
I liked this skirt a lot but would probably go for the P0. I think it runs a little bit big. The colors of this print are so gorgeous IRL. I did feel like the size of the print was a little large for someone of my stature. I'd have to play around with what I would put on top and of course heels/wedges would be a must. Can't decide if I like the print better or the Watercolor Pencil Skirt print better.

 Ryan-Fit Chambray Lightweight Wool Slim-Straight Pant (size 0)
Ooooo. LOVE these. Such perfect work pants. I get a little nervous when the word "wool" is in the title. I can handle wool sweaters but I am really sensitive to wool pants. These didn't feel like wool at all. The chambray is not a true chambray but sort of a dressy version of it that I loved. Most of all I loved the fit - nicely shaped to my bum without being adhered to it. Nice slim leg without looking like a legging. I bought the chambray sloans earlier this year so I don't think I can justify another pair of chambray work pants but I'm thinking about it. The size 0 felt perfect to maybe slightly loose so definitely go with the smaller of your two sizes. This style also comes in Black, Grey, Pinstripe, Floral  and Dot so choose your poison.

 Blue Belted Midi Skirt (size 0), this one on sale (looks the same to me weird...)
As far as this type of skirt is concerned, it lays well and is a nice neutral color. It is a LOT of fabric and somehow that fabric is pretty weighty. It's just not a good match for my shape but I liked it fine.

 Striped Terry Boatneck Top (XS)
STRIPES STRIPES. I love stripes. Love that this is terry. Super duper cute and different with the vertical stripes on the side panels. Got me thinking about more stripes like this this simple terry stripe top from Club Monaco. Yes.

Really loving what I'm seeing right now and just patiently waiting for some more things to go on sale. Have you had any luck with Banana Republic lately?

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