Thursday, April 28, 2016

Anthropologie Review: Ava Knit Blazer, Garden Party Lace Dress, Hisbiscus Lace Sheath, PIcotage Sheath and Gathered Stripes Midi Dress

Finally had a few moments to check out some Anthro items... here's what I found:

Solstice Sherpa Jacket (S)
Definitely size up on this one. This is a S and I would say it fits perfectly. It is soooo soft. I think it was mismarked because if I had realized it was $19.95 I probably would have bought it. I like the stretch panels on the side - makes for a slim fit. This little Black version by BlankNYC looks cozy and cute. This Urban Outfitters version is amazing - buffalo check in a cool neutral light color and sherpa lining. Yes. And a little vest version? Love it.

 Ava Knit Blazer (XS)
I tried this on a whim and it is awesome. I felt like it ran a little small although I did like how slim it was. It's the perfect summer layer - check done. This Three Dots one is sooo cute. This old navy one is a great price and looks like the perfect amount of slouch. I haven't shopped The Limited since the 90's but love the look of their Madison Blazer.

Garden Party Lace Dress by Tracy Reese (size 2)
Pretty princess, that's how I felt in this one. Sometimes I have to size up in tracy reese but this was pretty true to size. It fit really well and I am obsessed with the back - how gorgeous it that view and it still covers my bra. Yay! This moderately priced lace midi dress is really cute and half the price. This one has a bit more of a boho vibe but it's by Trina Turk which means I will love it. This is out of my price range but the lace looks gorgeous on the bottom and it's just sexy enough without being too revealing.

 Hibiscus Lace Sheath (size 4)
The fit of this one is a little off. This is a size up from my usual and the waist fit perfectly/snug when full and sat a little high. The top also fit perfectly but the hips felt a little wide. I don't know, it just felt a bit funny. Anyway,  I love the lace and the hem and I even like the high neckline. It's a really beautiful piece. Reminds me of the  Lace Garden Pencil Dress which I would really like to try.

Here is the back view. I didn't zip it up only because I'm having some shoulder problems and I knew I wouldn't be able to contort myself in a way to get it unzipped.

Picotage Sheath (size 2)
I've tried this one on before. The size 2 does feel slightly snug but the material is thick enough to hide lumps and bumps. It does feel a bit like a magic dress. Flattering and comfortable.

Gathered Stripes Midi Dress (size S)
Um, ok, I could not for the life of my figure out how to make the skirt go back to normal. I think it's a cute enough dress, and very soft, but I don't think I need a knot on my hip. Just sayin'. I like this simple version of a knit striped midi at a great $37.99 price! And look at this crazy "tornado" version on If you missed out on one of the "classic" Bailey 44 dresses they actually offer them on their website. I've gotten a ton of use out of mine.

Unknown Dress? I think a 4P
This fit very well and I love the oversized pockets. It feels a little bridesmaid to me because of the seaming on the bust.

Overall some nice things and many more I wanted to try. Have you been lured in by all the recent promos?


  1. All these party outfits are very beautiful. The lace dress is favorite among all. Going to attend a night bachelorette party at local event venues and would love to have such a cute lace dress for it. Thanks a lot for the inspiration!

  2. Where have you been? I miss the reviews. Hope all is well.

    1. Hi Joann! Thank you for your note. I have been moving (and rather quickly) to a new state and have been absolutely overwhelmed. I am trying to come back to blogging though. I hope you'll check out my latest post!

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