Sunday, March 6, 2016

Loft Reviews: Marisa Pants and Lou & Grey

Right now Loft is offering 30% off everything which is great but I'm sure there is another crazier promo on the way. I always forget about Loft and then I see they are offering something tempting like extra 60% off sale and I think, hmmm, maybe I'll check it out. I do think they make cute workwear and I love the laid back style of Lou & Grey (sort of a lounge-ier version of Madewell, less edgy) but I'm always wary of how their clothes will wear. I've been burnt too many times by buying an adorable pair of pants there that fit perfectly only to have them be a droopy disaster by the end of the day. I have found some nice shirts there recently including the Tunic Softened Shirt (also in this version, I'm not sure there's any difference) which is a really lovely just long enough to cover the bum top in a crisp white. Lovey.

Tulip Essential Skinny Ankle Pants in Marisa Fit (size 0)
These are so cute and flattering. They are not super thick so I was afraid of the afore-mentioned stretching out syndrome. These pics are from a few weeks ago when I was in the process of seriously trying to lose those "last 5 pounds" so I passed but now that I am almost there I would like to revisit. There is a thick waistband that I loved because it helped hold in all my mommy bits. I'll take any help I can get.

Lou & Grey Spacedye Velour Top (XS)

Mmmm, mmm velour. It is so soft and yummy and I generally liked this top. What I didn't like was how it looked in the shoulders. Instead of any sort of shoulder seam (even a drop shoulder would have been nice), there is a seam that runs from the neckline down the center of the arm. I felt like it created an odd shape. Otherwise - yummy and soft! They also make pants, just sayin'.

Petalwork Essential Skinny Ankle Pants in Marisa Fit (size 0)
I LOVE this print. It's so adorable and just the right shade of red. These felt slightly thicker, stiffer and smaller than the tulip pants. Now that I have dropped a few I would like to try these again. Maybe I would go a size up? Hard to tell how they will wear. Perfect length for 5'4" me. They also come in a Mosaic pattern which is lovely and an adorable tuxedo style!

Lou & Grey Flecked Zip-Back Tunic (XS)
The shape of this was perfect - love the notch at the back and the length and drape were spot on (not too baggy). My only complaint was the color - it just does nothing for me. I think if you have darker skin it will look a lot better.

Lou & Grey V-Neck Tunic (XS) in Mood Indigo
The link is to the signature soft tunic. I think this is the same but it might be slightly different. It was just too big, I think I would need an XXS which is fairly typical for Lou & Grey for me. I twas SOOOO soft and I love the vee - perfect. Just felt a bit too shlumpy. Love this little stripy tunic by Splendid or this other cute stripy one also by Loft.

Overall some cute stuff. I might go back on try on some more things soon. What are you liking at Loft lately?

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