Tuesday, March 8, 2016

J. Crew Review: Fine Striped V-Neck Cardigan, Floral Lace-Shoulder Top, Teddie Pant in Mirrored Floral

I won't lie, I'm excited to see this next rollout. With the weirdly warm winter, it's easier to look forward to spring dressing at this time of year. I stocked up on a few basic sweaters this winter (including this cardigan in several colors - I took XXS for a dressier look and XS for a slouchier casual look) and a few more fun ones (love the colors and sequins on this one with jeans or pencil skirt and this awesome fair isle sweater that I got for $15!) but feel like I am done with winter styles.

I see a lot of gingham coming out way and although I love gingham, I'm not sure I love it that much!

Collection Silk Top in Vibrant Wildflower (size 4) $119.99
 This top (which also comes in a beautiful sheath dress) was definitely striking. A bit out of my comfort zone but I was drawn to how the cobalt flowers really stood out against the red background. It's a size or 2 bigger than I usually take so it was  too big but it is really beautiful. I wish the pattern was more artfully placed but besides that I would consider it in my normal size.  

Fine-Striped V-Neck Cardigan Sweater (XS) in ivory navy
Stripes, cardigan, cute. I had never noticed this online but I really liked it. It has a nice fitted shape and the length hits at a flattering spot. Felt soft and slightly more fitted than a typical XS. I need another cardigan like I need a hole in the head but I'm still interested in checking out this Cotton Essential V-Neck Cardigan by the Gap for spring since it comes in some really nice light colors. Also LOVE this version with the contrasting stripes on the sleeve - adorable. And this one is a pretty good dupe but in cheery spring colors.

 Floral Lace-Shoulder Top (Size 2) in Pale Rose
I tried this one on before in a size 0 which is my usual size in these drapey tops. I think this top just isn't for me. I love the little lace shoulder panels but the neck is a bit too high and the 2 looks a little sloppy. Plus I need a good t-shirt bra. It's lovely though and easy to wear if you have a more proportionate chest.

 Maddie Pant in Bi-Stretch Cotton (Size 0)
I WISH they would make more of these pants. I really like the straight but slim style. I had tried the size 2 before and they were slightly too big but these are definitely too tight. Sorry for the butt shot but I wanted to show that they were definitely too tight. Especially in the white color. Please please please J Crew make these in more colors for spring. They are the perfect work pant - great length, slim but not legging tight (in the right size :) and a perfect amount of stretch. Wish I had found these before they sold out.

 Teddie Pant in Mirrored Floral (size 0)
I wasn't sure how I felt about ankle length flare pants. It sort of goes against everything I would think would be flattering. I was also a little disappointed in the colors - I thought they would be more vibrant. But.... these pants have really grown on me. I love the material - reviews talk about them having no stretch but they do just not as much as other pants - which makes me happy because maybe they won't be sagging everywhere by day's end. The length with flare takes some getting used to and I agree with others that they sort of require heels. I am wearing them with my Elsie Suede d'Orsay Pumps which are beautiful but not work wear for me.

In the last pic I am wearing them with my Cole Haan Highline Slingback Pump which I love. Great heel height, super comfortable, great color. I'm not sure what size I want in these pants. The 0 fits really well in the hips and thighs but the waist is ever so slightly tight. The size 2 feels awesome in the waist but has some extra fabric under my rear (I'll try to post pics later). Am on the fence about which way to go. I'm sort of sick of wearing everything super tight yet I don't want to buy the size 2 and then have them stretch out a bit and really look big.

What do you think of the Teddie Pant?

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