Sunday, March 13, 2016

Athleta Reviews: High Rise Capris, Sentry Sweatshirt, Cozy Karma Hoodie, and more!

I've been on the lookout for some new workout gear because I have worn mine to death and need a little refresh. My absolute favorite place to go is Athleta. Although they are still pretty expensive, they have decent sales and I really like all the fun prints. My Stripes Chaturanga Capri has been awesome - so soft and comfortable and unbelievably slimming even though it's horizontal stripes. Plus I wore them through my whole pregnancy and I can still wear them today - so they really retain their shape. I'm loving the multi-stripe sonar capri and really want to try that on as well but couldn't find it in store when I was there.

High Rise H20 Chaturanga Capri in Capri Blue (XS)
High rises are everywhere! At least I get it with workout wear - it's nice to not always have to think about making your tummy flat (although I guess theoretically I am supposed to be engaging my core at all times during class). I liked the pattern on these - fun but not overwhelming. I'm a big fan of prints on exercise tights because I actually think they hide lumps and bumps more than solid color tights. These are definitely high rise - that's my belly button barely poking over the top in the first pic. They are very comfy in my usual size XS. I don't love how high rises look from behind but besides that, they are great.

 Sentry Hoodie Sweatshirt (XXS) Capri Blue Heather
I don't know how it's possible for a hoodie to be flattering or slimming but this one is! I felt so great in it. Plus it has thumb holes which I am a total sucker for. The material is not typical hoodie material - it's a bit stiff and feels more like the material the use for their capris, but thicker. Hard to explain. So this is definitely an over workout gear type hoodie more than a cozy up type hoodie. LOVE it anyway.

 Cozy Karma Hoodie (XXS) Light Grey Heather
This is a cozy down and watch a movie and eat popcorn kind of hoodie. Great bum-covering length. The lining is almost like a velour so wearing this is the best feeling ever. Love the cowl - very similar to the sentry hoodie above. Again, this is a big yes for me. Definitely size down.

 High Rise Mystique Chaturanga Mesh Capri (XS) in Caspian Blue
I have no idea what that pose is in the 2nd picture. Sometimes I get weird after trying on too many clothes. I'm trying to show the mesh which I do not love. I think this print is great but the rise is REALLY high on this one.

 High Rise Superimpose Chaturanga Tight (XS)
I thought having the print blocked on the outside would be flattering but actually it definitely added some visual weight. That's about all I have to say about this one.

Energy Chaturanga Capri (XS) in Jasper Green
Retreat Sweater (XS) in Oatmeal Marl
These capris remind me of my other pair of Athleta capris which sadly they do not make any more. Nice thicker, textured material. Nothing exciting but standard workout fare. The sweater was also very cute but a little too cropped for me.

Overall, I really liked the items I tried on. I'd like to go back and try:
The Techie Sweat Hoodie which looks similar to what I tried on but a bit more relaxed
Inner Twist Hoodie - I think the wrap front would be very flattering and comfortable
Blissful Cowl Hoodie - look a bit shorter which I actually like for wearing while I warm up
Remix Revelation Capri which look closest to my old Athleta Capris that I love

What are your favorite styles at Athleta?

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