Saturday, December 19, 2015

Madewell Review: Lace Magnolia Dress, Norwood Jumpsuit, Button-Down Tunic Shirt with Pockets, Slim Boyshirt in Tulsa Plaid

Slim Boyshirt in Tulsa Plaid (XS)

This was clearly a lone return on the sale rack. I believe it was around $49.99 minus 30% but you can find it for $23.85 HERE. I like the plaid quite a bit and I definitely like the slimmer silhouette. The material is REALLY thick - but again I like that. Everything was a go except it was a little too slim in the hips - which is weird because that is almost never a problem for me. I couldn't really get the last button to be closed and look casual so I figured that would always bother me and passed.
Madewell has some other nice slim boyshirts that I would definitely check out. I especially love the neutral slater plaid and the beautiful tempe plaid.

Button-Down Tunic Shirt with Pockets (XS)

Ooo I debated over this one. I like the hidden placket and the nice shape. I do not love the sheerness and the length. I'm looking for more of a regular white buttondown, not so much a tunic. The pockets are an adorable touch and overall this is true to size for Madewell. I'm wearing it with the The Crop Jean Jacket  which I highly recommend - definitely size up.

 Norwood Jumpsuit (size 2)
I think if I'm going to go jumpsuit it's going to have to be a little more covered/classy. The Sheer panel on the top along with the sweetheart-esque neckline felt way too 80's to me. Fit is pretty TTS and I did like the slit in the back.

 Lace Magnolia Dress (size 0)
The size 0 was tiiiiight. Then again, I was not really a size 0 in this picture. I love lace and the overall shape but I would say go with your usual J Crew non-shift dress size.

I do love Madewell but have been finding less there recently. I am stalking this sweater in an XXS (review upcoming) and might decide to keep this flannel (review also upcoming ).

What have you loved at Madewell?

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  1. Hi, I tried on the Madewell Lace Magnolia dress because of your review. I wish it were a bit longer or offered in a tall, but I am going to try one size up and see if it's a better fit. It was a bit too high-waisted on me. I really loved it, though, and I hope I can make one of the sizes work.