Sunday, December 20, 2015

J. Crew Review: Pull-On Pant in Floral Lace

Pull-On Pant in Floral Lace  (Size 2)
I have to admit, I am really drawn to lace when it is not too frilly. JC has been pumping out some really cute lace pieces. I like the color of these - between a forest green and a teal? The fit was fine and comfortable. I would prefer them a little slimmer since they are already a little relaxed looking with the elastic waist, so I would probably get a size 0 (size 2 was all they had at the time I ordered them). I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have the beautiful lace hem that I had seen on the other pairs. The pink and black ones both have a slightly frilly lace hem which is a lovely detail. These are perfectly straight across the bottom.
Ultimately a pass for me as they were not special enough but I would definitely reconsider on super sale because who doesn't like a pair of pants with elastic that look fancy? The lace reminds of the lace on the sleeveless lace shift dress. Durable and sturdy but femininte.
JC also has the Collection cropped pant in french lace and the Collection cropped pant in Leavers lace. And of course the straight up Collection lace pant with those lovely elastic bottoms. The collection floral lace skirt looks promising but is a bit out of my price range!
Ann Taylor has some bonded lace slim ankle pants which look super adorable.

I'd like to try on some of the other versions before I pass judgement on the lace pant trend. I do find with the elastic waist that it's skirting a delicate line between sophisticated and grandma. I guess it's all in the styling.

What do you think of lace pants?

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