Monday, December 7, 2015

Anthropologie Review: Sugar Pine Sweater Coat, Montmartre Peasant Top, Perched Vegan Leather Mini and Colorblock Utility Skirt

When Anthropologie was having their 25% off everything sale the one thing I really want to try on was the Sugar Pine Sweater Coat. It looked so luxurious and unique! Also, a good chance to stock up on my favorite candles. I got both the full size and travel size and wish I had gotten some more. They smell soo good!

Sugar Pine Sweater Coat (XS)

Oh, it's so pretty! The colors are glorious and it is SOOO soft. I love that the back almost appears to have a waistband and I love that it is lined. It is truly like wearing your favorite blanket The only bummer is that it runs really big. I know it's a sweater coat but I felt like I was drowning in it. I think the petite would help but I would also want to size down. Of course those are already sold out but I bet a lot will pop back after the holidays.

Montmartre Peasant Top (size 2)
This is also a lovely little top. I felt like it ran a little big so I ordered the size 0 but that was definitely too snug. It is a bit of a swing shape so you don't want it to grab anywhere. I am obsessed with lace anything and this definitely scratches an itch. I may prefer the black version. I noticed another lace top at Anthro that I would also like to check out. And, if I was cooler and younger, I would check this one out by Free People.

Colorblock Utility Mini Skirt (size 2)
I liked the 70's vibe on this and the fact that it was a mini but not overly so. The fit was fine, the material was sturdy, I just couldn't imagine where I would wear it.

Perched Vegan Leather Mini Skirt (size 4)
I think this was on one of their "last one" racks. It's very cute. I think it was a size 4 but I can't remember. It was a bit big whatever size it was. I wouldn't really call it a mini as it was basically knee length on me but the length was perfect. The little birds perching in the tree are adorable and the cranberry color is so delicious. I think the pattern was on the front and back - I just have a thing about clothing that is only printed on one side. The vegan leather felt decent. I would definitely consider this on sale but still couldn't entire imagine what I would wear on top except a plain sweater.
I really like this other vegan leather mini they are selling now and would probably get more use out of it. I also ordered this Diamond Dot Vegan Leather Skirt in a petite so we'll see how that goes. I like that it's a nice neutral color and of course I'm a little obsessed with perforated items (hello J Crew Perforated Drapey Dress that I want to order in another color).

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  1. I picked up the Montmartre Peasant Top as well and sized down in case it was too blousey. I'm a tiny bit restricted in the arms, but it otherwise seems okay. The funny things is that I like looking at the shirt on others, but I don't know if it's ME. Do you plan to wear it with jeans or in a more dressy way?