Monday, December 28, 2015

J. Crew Review: Maddie Pant in Windowpane Jacquard

Happy Holidays! We are just returning from a wonderful trip to see grandparents, cousins, sisters and brothers. I'm exhausted but feel filled by so much family and holiday merriment. Of course, now I'm looking forward to some fun after Xmas sales! I have my eye on a few things including these pants:

Maddie Pant in Windowpane Jacquard (size 0)
So, the size 0's barely fit but they fit when I am actually weighing what I should be. Which I was. Before I went on vacation and ate everything all the time. Anyway, I love this fabric - it is quite thick and it is not stretchy whatsoever - therein lies the problem with weight fluctuation.

I really like the way this size actually curves in below my butt. Since the fabric is thick I feel like it should really fit close to the body. Very attractive pants that I would probably wear exactly this way. Except maybe I would pair them with my new Elsie D'Orsay pumps in red. Love these heels!

Maddie Pant in Windowpane Jacquard (size 2)
The size 2 looks fine from the front but I don't like the bagginess in the back of the thigh. Granted they are overall a little more comfortable but I'm not wearing these for comfort - I'm wearing them for a fancy night out! If you are in between sizes I would think about sizing up.

Maddie Pant in Bi-Stretch Cotton (size 2)
 I don't know how I never noticed these pants before. In a sea of ill-fitting, too tight, too high, too everything pants this season - these are amazing! I I would need my normal size 0 sine the waist was too big and there was bagginess in the crotch. This makes me a little nervous about the fit in the rear but I bet it would relax with wear. I wish these would pop back in the other colors as the only color available right now is white which I probably don't need. LOVE these. Cute zipper pockets that don't add bulk, good length for heels or flats, nice rise. PLEASE J Crew make these again in other colors!

What do you think?

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