Saturday, December 5, 2015

Anthropologie Review: Galena Midi Dress, Jantina Maxi Dress, Cara Cowl Dress and Marigot Pleated Skirt

Yay! I love it when Anthropologie has a percentage off sale. Of course, this usually means that the sale price is still higher than another cut would be... but it's a nice excuse to look around. I had to take a break from Anthropologie because I was finding that their pieces were attractive to me in the store but as soon as I got home I couldn't find a way to incorporate them into my wardrobe. I'm ready to try again though because winter is my favorite season at Anthro. Cozy sweaters, sleek sweater skirts, fun party wear.... Here are a few of my recent try-on's.

Galena Midi Dress in Wine (XS)

I'm surprised this is on sale for $49.95. It's quite cute and the wine color is very on trend. The material is a bit on the thin side but still didn't show every lump and bump. The overall shape is very flattering. My usual XS felt a bit tight in the bust area but I am still nursing so I think this would fit better when I'm back to normal. The ruched waist is perfect for creating an hourglass silhouette and hiding a few post-baby lumps.

Jantina Maxi Dress (XS)

Here's another lovely, thin jersey dress that is a bit snug up top. I love the overall shape of it and that it has regular straps that cover my bra. I wish the colors were a bit more vibrant - I think the overall pattern is a bit blah - but I'm glad it's on the more subtle side.

It is lined to the knee which is another bonus. And pockets! That don't add weight! Super cute and comfy. I would have to get it hemmed but I can see this being a no-brainer in the summer.

The small fit better in the bust but the overall effect wasn't quite as sleek as the XS and the straps were a bit too long. I think I'm a bit in between sizes on this one.

Cara Cowl Dress by Maeve (S)
I would need the XS in this. I like the idea of it - I would probably wear it over skinny jeans instead of as a dress. There is a lot of bra showing on the side so I'd need to wear a black one. It felt sort of cool and easy though.

 Marigot Pleated Skirt (size 2)

OOF, this was tight in my waist. Then again, my waist isn't what it used to be since I had kid #2. The good news about the tight waist is that it makes for a nice contrast to the volume of the skirt. It is a well-made, fun party skirt and the pleats lay well - I just didn't like the colors - particularly that citron one.

 Galena Midi Dress in Wine (S)

The size small fit better maybe? Definitely more chest coverage but since that's the one area I know will change on my body it didn't concern me as much. I did order a petite online so we'll see how that fits. These midi lengths are very trendy right now but they do not always suit my 5'4" frame.

What did you buy during the recent sale promotion?

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