Tuesday, December 22, 2015

J. Crew Review: Boyfriend Shirt in Ridge Plaid, Skinny Stretch Cargo and Contrast Floral Lace Skirt

Boyfriend Shirt in Ridge Plaid (size 2)
Hmm, yeah. I LOVE this plaid but I am not loving the fit. Boxy boxy boxy. I'm tired of boxy. I want at least slightly shaped. Also pockets with buttons on my chest are a no-go for me. Straight up dealbreaker. I like the idea of this one, and even more so this one with the chambray lining. Or how about some feminine colors for a chance? I'm also liking this semi-similar plaid from Madewell - the Flannel Slim Boyshirt in Lawndale Plaid . But really I'd like to try the Wrap Overlay Shirt in Wyatt Plaid - at least it's a different take on a standard.

Skinny Stretch Cargo (size 27)
I loves me some good skinny cargos but these do not work for me. High flap pockets on a big booty... just no. This is a size bigger than I usually wear and I would definitely need my normal size 26. I loved the color and the fabric - very soft - but those pockets are not doing me any favors. I did pick up these cargo pants and really like them a lot. Very soft and no butt pockets, yahoo!

Contrast Floral Lace Skirt (size 2)
This actually looks worse in the pictures than it did in real life. I do like seeing all the lace at J Crew. It's fun and an easy way to feel a little more dressed up. I am not, however, a fan of all these elasticized waists. They look so frumpy! This one wasn't THAT bad because the front seems a bit flatter and the skirt doesn't pouf out too much from that point. This length is really hard for me to carry off - just cuts off my legs so. Perhaps a petite?

The holidays are almost upon us and I think I'm done shopping for now. Can't wait to use my gift cards for the after holiday sales!


  1. I always enjoy your posts. You and I have very similar tastes I see. No pocket flaps on the back of pants, so over this boxy fit that is too prevalent these days, and I don't favor elastic gathered waists either!!! I sure hope J Crew does a major overhaul in their quality and designs next year!

    1. Me too! I want to love them so much - love their colors and plaids but I have to have a flattering fit too! Please please add a waist and a dart!