Tuesday, February 24, 2015

J. Crew New Arrivals - Tops, Skirts and a Dress

Walking in to J Crew the other day was so refreshing! Spring has arrived and while we are still buried under piles of snow here in the Northeast it did give some hope. I'm encouraged by some of the colors and silhouettes. Although there is nothing on my must have list yet, I'm sure by spring there will be a few beauties that I want to take home. Excuse the dorky black socks in all the pictures - it's way too cold to take them off!

Graphic Peony Top (size 2)
Ok. I really don't understand why they made the little fluttery sleeves go all the way down the sides of one's boobs. I think it looks really goofy. The peony print is sweet and I like the contrasting stripes but the boob frill is really unnecessary. Reminds me of those lizards that poof out their frills around their heads. 

This guy just makes me laugh. Now imagine him in the peony print. Snarf.

Tilly Sweater (S) in Bright Spearmint?
I've really wanted to try this new sweater on but every time I thought I grabbed it, it was actually a Tippi. The color is quite lovely and I like the wider neckline. Those high necks are no good on me. The length would be good with one of my more high waisted skirts but I prefer longer sweaters with pants. I think this was a small and if I were to wear this with a skirt I would probably prefer a more fitted XS. I was thinking of pairing it with this Cotton Pleated Skirt.

Jet Set Geo Shift Dress (size 2)

This was probably my favorite of the day. I LURVES a good shift dress and this one is quite cute. Crisp cotton, good straight shape, not too short. The zippers ALL the way up the sides are a bit odd but I guess it makes it a bit different. I've always the Jules dress to work for me at J Crew and it never has. I think this is similar but actually lays nicely on my body. TTS.

Firework Floral Skirt (size 2)
I just don't like this print at all but I do like this skirt. Really thick and structured so the pleats lay nicely. Decent length (I'm 5'4"). The waist felt slightly snug and I can't really say if the skirt runs a teeny bit small or if this is just from my newly expanded waistline. If you like this print, I think this skirt is one of the better pieces.

Pleated Midi Skirt in Stripe (size 2)
I feel like this is Little House on the Prarie meets Cell Block Nine. It will definitely look cool on some ladies but I didn't like it on me. The waistline is a bit frilly (you can sort of see from the side pic) which makes it hard to tuck anything in although I guess you wouldn't want to tuck anything into this skirt anyway? The pleats are fine and the material feels pretty good but I just felt dowdy. Perhaps better on the taller and straighter.

That's all I found for now. Hard to even think about spring since it was -2 here this morning!

What are your favorites from the new arrivals?

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