Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Anthropologie Review: Shirts, Skirt, a Dress and a Coat

Still trying to find my style at Anthropologie. Am so drawn in by all the beautiful colors and styles but the fit has been off on me. Hopefully there will be some spring gems in my future. Here's what I tried on recently:

Novela Dress (XS)
I love the idea of a long-sleeved maxi dress. I have one and I love wearing it in the winter because I can throw on all sorts of layers underneath and feel like I am wearing my nightgown and yet look relatively chic. This one runs a bit snug. Especially in the chest so if you are busty you may want to size up. The skirt was fine but the waist was also tight. It just wasn't working on my at all. If you are small busted I think it will be fabulous. Very comfortable.

 Embroidered Lotus Pencil Skirt (2P)
 The embroidery and colors are so pretty but I didn't think it looked like anything special on. Also don't love that see through net stuff at the bottom (check out the hem) - I think it makes it look a bit cheap. This is a 2P which I suppose it a little smaller than my usual size. The waist is elastic with a zipper so it accommodate a range of sizes. I also felt like the seam bubbled a bit on the side. IT's a shame because I really liked it but I didn't think it looked good enough to keep.

 Marias Buttondown (XS)

Adorable. Love the colors and the way it drapes. I'm sort of trying to stay away from polyester these days so I'm not so sure about it. Nothing too fancy - just plaid done in a different way.

 Maeve Button-Back Blouse Sidney Silk Blouse (size 4) - name??

Thanks to TeriLynn13 for the name of this blouse! Could someone please help me with the name of this blouse? I think it's absolutely adorable. I sized up because of my breastfeeding chest and it flows just perfectly. The buttons down the back are SO cute. Plus it is all silk. It just feels well made and flowy and delicious. I normally do not go for colors like this but I couldn't resist. Love.

I adore Tracy Reese but I thought this coat was sort of strange. The color is to die for but the fit is big! This is an XS and I felt like it was a bit roomy. Also felt like I was wearing a very fancy robe. It is super comfortable and warm and the embroidery on the bottom is just enough embellishment. I think maybe a petite would fit me better.

More Anthro reviews to come. What are you loving right now?


  1. It's the Sidney Silk Blouse, comes in another colorway too plus it's on sale!

  2. Thanks so much, TeriLynn13! I'm hoping I can find the other colorway at some point too!

  3. I've been desperately searching for this Jali coat! I see that this is an old post, but I wonder if you still have the jacket and are interested in selling it! Thanks!