Tuesday, February 3, 2015

J. Crew New Arrivals - things that make you go hmm...

I think we've all been looking foward to some new arrivals from J. Crew. The winter was sorely disappointing and boring. All I bought was a few basics. Of course, I got a very generous gift card to La Crew from my mother-in-law and that thing is burning a hole in my pocket! Unfortunately, it might be a while until I can make a dent in it. Here are a few things I tried recently (and was confused by):

End-on-end Long Shirt (size 2)
I've been looking for a shirt that sort of emulates a classic men's shirt. This is close but a bit too blah and oversized. While the 2 looks like it fits fairly well in the picture, it was definitely a bit blousy. Not sure how I feel about the length either. Think I'm looking for more of a classic Ralph Lauren fitted boyshirt like this one. Or maybe even a Brooks Brothers one since I am really liking their fitted shirts right now. This one by Red Fleece is on sale and adorable.

 Collection Chiffon Fringe Sweater (XS)
I tried this on for blog only. This is just not my style and I knew when I saw it that it would be too cropped for me. I do get the appeal. Sort of fun and flirty in an ostrich sort of way but I don't like where the chiffon fringe hits on my body. Makes me look too blocky. Plus, some of the fringe fell off just when I was trying it on. TTS with a little wiggle room.

 Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt (size 2) in Navy
I knew this would be a hot mess on me. Pleats and mummy tummy do not mix. Plus I am totally trying to suck it in in the side picture. I would say this is true to size. The material felt like plastic to me - I really didn't like it. I think if you have a flat tummy and minimal hips this could be a fun piece but wait for super sale. This material does not deserve one's money!

 Laser-Cut Pleated Skirt (size 2) in Dusty Alabaster
This is also a weird cheap material but I didn't mind it as much. Love the laser cut and that panel at the top saves me in terms of fit. Such a better cut for my body. It is on the shorter side (I'm 5'4") so taller ladies might not love it.  TTS.

 Layering Vest with Primaloft (size Small) in Dark Charcoal
I had tried this in the XS but not the S. I think the small looks better in these pictures but the XS felt sort of better. Depends on what you want to layer it over. The little stretchy side panels are great - allowing a little fluctuation. I like this one with the little fur hood. A different look overall but fun. If I wanted to go with something a little more fun, funky and spring-like, I would chose this one.

 Layering Vest with Primaloft (size Xtra Small) in Dark Charcoal
The XS is quite sleek but does squish the old chest. Hmm. Still can't get the review out of my mind that likened this to a trash bag. I still like it overall but would wait for super sale. And the use of my gift card...

Overall some strange new arrivals. I am unfortunately not a real fan of the Firework Floral print but I love the style of the pant. Maybe they'll have another print this spring? I certainly hope so!

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