Saturday, February 7, 2015

Brooks Brothers Review: Black Fleece Fun Shirt Dress and Red Fleece Full Circle Skirt

Due to some unimpressive winter collections at my favorite retailers, I've decided to branch out a bit. I usually associated Brooks Brothers with stodgy men's work clothes (including my own husband's who is not stodgy but nonetheless) but I'm finding quite a bit to love there right now. My post-baby body really favors very nicely fitted clothes - accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative - and BB is a master at that. Loving their Red Fleece line especially since the fit and style is a bit updated.

Fun Shirt Dress (size BB1)

First of all - I don't entirely get the black fleece sizing. It seems that it should run smaller but this shirt dress definitely felt big all over. The material is a really nice, sturdy cotton. I was surprised by the length. I think it's a little awkward on my frame.

The back is what broke the deal for me. I don't know why they decided to make the stripes run vertically. I feel like it visually added lots of pounds to my derriere. Non bueno. Everything improves with a belt. Still think I may need a smaller size. Anyway, such an adorable idea but maybe better suited for someone taller.

Full Circle Skirt (size 2)

The crepe is so nice and heavy - drapes perfectly. I thought it was quite a lovely piece although ran a bit big in the waist (which is saying a lot since I have some work to do on my post-baby belly). I passed because it reminded me too much of a choir uniform. I think with the right, youthful top it could be really fun. Definitely a well-made piece.

Some more reviews to come.

In the meantime....

LOVE these pants. Sort of remind of the Cove Floral Pants from last year but a bit more simple. Really want to try them. 
and how fun flirty and feminine is this Cotton Textured Skirt?
Also love this candy-stripe colored crewneck. Delish!

Anything you're loving at Brooks Brothers?

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