Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brooks Brothers: Winter Clearance

So yes, I'm on a bit of a Brooks Brothers kick these days. My husband laughs. I used to tease him about the stodginess of the company (he gets a lot of his work shirts there) and now I am eating my words. I'm just so tired of buying something and then having it fall apart or look like pilled-up cr*p within a wear or two. I would rather pony up a little more dough and get something that I'm pretty sure is going to last. And have darts at the waist. And have shoudlers that aren't dropped. Is that too much to ask?

Silk Wildflower Print Dress (size 2)

Right now, with my way big breastfeeding chest, this dress is a little bit out of proportion. But, I think when things are back to "normal" it will be so cute. The silk is beautiful and very lightweight (this is more of a spring dress to me) and the print is so fun. The waist is just a little drawstring which can be hit or miss on my body but I liked it. There are pockets placed just right so they don't add bulk to the hips. A-line skirt and love buttons down the front.

Pockets! I think it's so lovely and I think it flatter my body. These days it's hard to tell since everything is all out of whack still.

 Cropped Jacket (size 4)

Even on sale this was a bit pricey for me but oh my - adorable! Makes me want to get on my Vespa and scoot around town (ok I don't have a vespa, just a Jetta, but still). So comfortable and well made. Quite cropped so may not be for those with longer torsos.

 Saxxon Wool Button-Front Cape 
I was intrigued by this and I think it's really well done for a cape. There are little buttons at the bottom that help give it some shape. The wool is SOOOO thick and warm and nice. yum. Again, a bit pricey, but well made.

Back view - I don't feel like I get swallowed up by this thing. Somehow still flattering despite the swingy shape.

Gingham Shirt (size 4)
 Another well tailored fitted shirt. This is more formal than your average J Crew gingham shirt - the cotton is crisped and there is a red lining on the placket. Gorgeous and crisp. Comes in blue and currently on sale for only $30!

 Cashmere Sweater (size S) in Purple and Merino Wool Skirt (XS)
 The sweater color is purple but it's more like a magenta or fuschia (sorry I never know which is which). It's so soft and lovely and runs a bit snug IMO. I don't like the neckline being that high.

 The skirt really feels like a thick sweater. At first I thought it would be itchy but it really wasn't at all. Thick dense knit that hides (most) of the lumps and bumps. I am definitely carrying my baby weight in my butt so I would size up on this one. This thick knit waistband to help hide imperfections in that department as well.

 Eyelet A-Line Skirt (size 2)

 This was perhaps the winner of the day. Slight a-line, beautiful interesting eyelet, simple waist, no pockets (which I prefer on this sort of skirt). My usual size 2 fit perfectly. It is quite short - I'm 5'4" and this is about as mini as I like to go these days. I think it would be adorable for summer with some metallic sandals.

Those are my finds for now. What do you think?


  1. That silk dress is gorgeous! I love the cashmere sweater and skirt, the gingham shirt and of course the eyelet skirt. I'm going to have a look at the Brooks Brothers site right now. Thanks for taking the time to review.

  2. I also bought quite a few things from Brooks Brothers this year! I really enjoy their Red Fleece line and their shoes. The sale prices are pretty reasonable in my opinion for the quality. I love all of your purchases including the dress. It's a gorgeous color! Thanks for the reviews!