Thursday, February 19, 2015

J. Crew New Arrivals - Pants Edition

So, I was really excited to see lots of new pants styles being offered this season. Although I love me some good skinny pants, I'm really trying to add some other styles to my closet. I think these new styles will work well for some but I don't think they are working for me. Judge for yourself :)

Ryder Pant (size 2) in Peacock Blue
 Yikes. Tight tight tight. My (new) normal size 2 is snuggity snug and not in all the right places. The rise is too high on my short-waisted frame and even the legs manage to be too tight. Waist slightly snug too. They are very similar to the minnues but worse on me. The length is nice. Couldn't wait to get them off.

 Drawstring Foulard Pant (size 2)
 I love a good foulard and I thought this were pretty cute. WHY OH WHY did they have to put ginormous pockets on my butt? Seriously, JC? They are cute and dressy but those weird flap pockets just ruin it for me. Otherwise cute and TTS.

Turner Pant (size 2) in Bistro Blue
 When I saw these in the sale section I got very excited. I missed trying them on before and thought for sure I would be able to take them home with me. They're not bad but that sad view is scary. I don't even know what it reminds me of but it's not good. Florida Grandma for sure. How are other people making these look so cute? I think the elastic at the bottom scares me a bit and the color is not helping things.

Here's the other problem - big zipper pockets and crazy high thick elastic waist. Boo.

 Reese Pant (size 2) in Grey Rhapsody
 The Reese Pant gave me hope where the Turner pant failed me. I like that there is an interesting hem and no elastic at the bottom. Too much material in the crotch area though and total diaper butt. Also, for pants that are flowy I'm seeing an awful lot of lumps and bumps. Double boo.

Hey there ladies, want to accompany me to the retirement home tonight? I'm trying to show all the extra material that bunches up when you move.

Tuxedo Pant in Retro Floral (size 0)
Ah, drapey pants that work! I tried on the size 0 just for comparison. Too tight - lost the nice flowiness.

 Tuxedo Pant in Retro Floral (size 2)
 I feel like these are quite flattering and they are certainly comfortable. This was not my favorite print this season but I like that they feel good and look good and could be paired with a nice black blazer for work.

How are you liking the new pants silhouettes at J Crew this season?


  1. Thanks for the reviews. The flowy/drapey pants never look good on me. The Ryders were a fit disaster on me, waist too high and crotch area looked terrible. The Minnies are better on me. I did like the stretchy cargo pants, but they're casual.

  2. I'm so glad you reviewed all of these pants, especially the Ryder. I was tempted to try them, but thought they might not work. It looks like they were meant for someone with a very straight figure. You saved me from a return!
    I may try the Martie pant, if they are ever included in a promo.
    I don't love the retro floral print either, but the pant style looks great on you. I hope they make this style in another pattern or some solid colors.
    Thanks so much!

  3. Thanks so much for reviewing the sale pants too, Shoperarach! I've been contemplating the tuxedo pant in retro floral as well as the turner pant but was reluctant to order them on FS. My B&M store did not have my size available for me to try on.

  4. The fit on these slouchy pants is all over the board. I wear the Minnie and Pixies well but the Marties and Ryder are not a good fit at all ( didn't even come out of the fitting room!) 2 other girls I work with that don't like the Minnies- but can wear the bi-stretch wool Minnies- can also wear the Marties. I guess this is good so what style doesn't work for one person can work for another No one likes the Ryder... The Harlow is not a good fit either- waistline is too wide and pockets too big- total diaper effect. Everyone that tries them on doesn't buy them. Too bad b/c the fabric is nice and they are lined. The irony of the slouchy pants is that people who don't like the snug fit of other pants will like these. They only seem to look good on people who have perfect little behinds and thin legs... Go figure!