Thursday, August 7, 2014

Madewell Reviews: Nightsky Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt, Poncho Dress, Silk Pencil Skirt in Irisvine and Gymnasium Skirt

8 weeks to go! And thank goodness because now I am seriously feeling PREG-nant. Woah. My sleep has been so cooky. The other night my little bean got hiccups and I think they were pissing her off because she's hiccup about 5 times and then just thrust herself around angrily. Oooo. Funny to experience but not good for sleepy time. I've been stockpiling some Madewell reviews for a while and finally have had a moment to get them down today. Enjoy!

Unknown Tee (XS)
 I did know what this was called and then neglected to write it down so now I can't remember. It was on sale for $29.99 in store. It's an example of an everyday basic that Madewell does quite well. I liked the faded denim color of the shirt and the nice soft material that had just enough heft to it. Also love a shirttail hem.

 Nightsky Short-Sleeve Sweatshirt (size S or XS - can't remember)

 I'm pretty sure this was a size small but can't say that for sure. I was really glad to find this in store as I have a sort of weird obsession with short-sleeve sweatshirts and wanted to try this on. I didn't like the fit at all - too batwing. As some reviews on the website state, the bottom trim has no give so if you are hippy it might be a little snug down there. It's extremely comfortable but I didn't think it did anything exciting for the body.

 Poncho Dress (XS)

I was totally shocked that this dress has glowing review on Madewell! What the what? I like that it's different but it looks like I stole a circus tent, a fairly chic one, but a tent nonetheless. I don't know how you could make this look like NON-maternity wear. Even at probably around 7 months pregnant here, it was still way too big. In the first picture I'm trying to hold it in at the waist which improves the silhouette. The side view is ridiculous but that is because of my baby belly - not sure how it would fall if there was nothing there. I would size down on this one.

 Gymnasium Skirt (Size S)
 This looks atrocious right now but I can see it being so cute, casual and easy when I don't have things pulling it in every direction. It's just a simple little pull-on, stretchy skirt but I like it. I'm always looking for something like this during the summer when I just want to be super casual but still wear a skirt. Nice weight to the fabric which means it drapes pretty well. I tried on the XS at another time (my usual size) and I think that is what I would take.

This is my sucking it in (a hilarious practice when there's actually a baby in there and not just last night's pizza) and trying to wear it closer to my waist. Not obscenely short - yay!

 Silk Pencil Skirt in Irisvine (XS)
 Again, I love simple easy skirt in the summer. This is clearly more dressy because of the silk but the drawstring waist and print keep it appropriate for almost anything.

Here I am trying to wear it closer to my waist. Very nice, clean silhouette. I sort of love it. I always try to get a few things with elastic waists for post-babydom because it's nice to have just a little give while all your little pieces try to retract to their former state. 

Madewell's extra 40% off sale really cleared out some stuff but things pop back all the time. I highly recommend the very on-sale and highly adorable Back-Zip Sweatshirt and the not on sale but equally adorable Morningside Shiftdress

What are your favorites from Madewell this season?

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