Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ann Taylor Loft Review: Racing Stripe Maxi Tank, Wallpaper Floral Sweater Tee, Sheer Pointelle Cardigan and Striped Sunwashed Tank

I rarely even go in Loft but I probably should. They are churning out some cute clothes these days. My main turnoff is from an experience I had years ago where every single pair of pants I bought there stretched out beyond recognition. I just felt like I couldn't get my size right so I crossed them off my go-to list. They had a crazy 60% off sale items the other week and I thought it might be time to give them another try. I had seen the Wallpaper Floral items on other bloggers and was intrigued. Here's what I found:

Racing Stripe Maxi Skirt (XS)
 I keep on trying to get maxi skirts to work for me and I think I finally have to face facts and admit I just don't like them on my body. As far as maxi skirts go, however, I think this one is pretty cute. I love that it fit straight and the little racing stripe adds a bit of interest. The material is very soft and stretchy and very forgiving of lumps, bumps and panty lines.

 Petite Racing Stripe Maxi Skirt (PXS)
 The petite was a little too tight and short. Even though I am only 5'4", I would go for the regular on this one.

 Sheer Pointelle Cardigan (S)
 This one is so lovely! I love pointelle when it's done right and this sweater feels well made and adorable. Normally I would be an XS but with the pregnant breasts right now I sized up to a small and I think that was a very good decision. I didn't want the sweater to look overly precious so the bigger size helps with that - more length and not such a buttoned up 1950's look. Great summer piece.

 Wallpaper Floral Sweater Tee (XS)
 This sweater is quite thin but very soft. I think it would be good for work. I can't decide if it's sort of interesting and fun or heinously ugly :) The background is definitely more white than it appears on the website (which I like since cream/yellow tends to make me look ill). I think the fit is spot on and I like the interesting vines in the pattern. Still, do I want a sweater that looks like wallpaper? I don't know. Thoughts appreciated.

 Striped Sunwashed Tank (XXS)
 I ordered this tank because it was $6 and it's hard for me to find plain, not transparent tanks that hide bra straps. I own the maternity version of this and wear it all the time. It is thin but not overall so and I like the stripes.

 Striped Sunwashed Tank (XS)
 Not a huge amount of difference in the two sizes. I went with Xs because I like a little length and if it ends up being too big later on I can always shrink it. For $6, I'm happy.

Did you participate in Loft's crazy 60% off sale? What are you liking there right now?


  1. Thanks for the reviews! My Loft was pretty wiped out when I was in last, couldn't find anything I wanted to try on so I just left. I think the maxi is cute on you. Love that pointelle sweater too!

    1. Thanks, Cate! Always appreciate your feedback. My local Lofts still have a fair amount of merchandise but I'm getting a little lazy about picking through it (I think I'm still recovering from J Crew's endless 50% off sale :)