Friday, August 22, 2014

Ann Taylor Loft Review: Crochet Trim Tank, Doubleweave Cotton Zip Jacket and Lou & Grey Striped Chambray Dress

Popped in to make a return and a few things caught my eye. I have always liked Loft tees. They are super soft and I find that they hold up very well over time. Other items there have been hit or miss for me but I really think they're trying these days and I want to give them a chance!

Crochet Trim Tank (XS)
So adorable. I love any sort of tank that actually covers my darn bra straps. I would imagine this runs a little bit on the big side since I'm wearing an XS and it fits fairly well. The crochet trim is a darling detail and I love this color of steel grey. The crochet part stood up a little funny but I think that's because I'm really pushing the top part of that tank to capacity. Ahem, if you know what I mean.

 Lou & Grey Striped Chambray Dress (XS)
So super cute and summery. I love it. The material is super light and the stripes going in different directions are so cute! It was clearly tight but I'd imagine you could go with your normal size. A great throw on and go dress for summer.

 Doubleweave Cotton Zip Jacket (size 2) in Soft Teal Wash
The material of this jacket was so delicious. Stretchy but not overly so and soft yet structured. The little pouf sleeves were not too much and the whole thing felt well constructed. I always think I'm going to wear blazers but really don't that often so I passed but if you do wear them - this is a nice one.

The 40% off sale continues. Have you picked up anything?

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