Tuesday, August 12, 2014

J. Crew Review: Gold Star Ecru Shirt, Popover in California Poppy and Feather Paisley Top

I am behind as usual and in full on nesting mode trying to prepare for the baby. This, of course, is a bit difficult considering I am home with my 5 year old all the time and she does not exactly enjoy games like, "Let's clear out the baby's room" or "Let's see what toys you can give to the baby". I'm sort of kidding but I am starting to feel like the baby will arrive and she will have to sleep in a bag by the side of the bed if I don't get my butt in gear :). Anyway, here are a few quick reviews to distract myself from my own lack of efficiency.

Popover in California Poppy (XS)

I like this print. I do not love this shape so so much. I tried it on because I spied it in the sale section while the 50% off was going on. I bought the feather paisley top which is the same shape so I passed. I definitely think you should size down on this one. Even at 8 months pregnant, there was some room on the side. I have a feeling I would like this a bit better loosely tucked into some jeans or something. The print is cheery and I adore the colors.

 Gold Star Ecru Shirt (XS)

I love stars almost as much as I love stripes so was very interested in trying on this top. First of all, the material is THICK. Reminds me of the same material as that military pocket shirt that was in the sale section FOREVER last winter. The stars look a little cheaply printed onto the material to me. They are slightly shiny but not that much. I was shocked to find that the XS fit perfectly which probably means you should size down on this one. It's pretty roomy. It's sort of cute but I definitely felt a little butch in it. That thick material - I just don't know how to wear it. Is it a jacket? A sweater substitute? Not sure.

Trying to work it in all my pregnant glory.

Feather Paisley Top (XXS)
I've blogged about this before. The colors and print are so lovely I just had to go for it. This is an XXS which is tight right now but will be the perfect amount of blousiness post baby. The material is rather thin but I think I can get away without wearing a cami. I love the contrasting trim at the neckline. It's those details that make this piece special.

I think I'm finally shopped out now that 50% off is gone - but I'm really looking forward to being able to wear some nice new clothes in a few months.

How are you feeling about J Crew's dwindling sale section?


  1. I love the feather paisley top - I tried to grad me one but all sold out :-( - and the California poppy is cute, but could not find the right size. Looking good this belly - love this time so much and the nesting and getting ready is so intense, enjoy it! Xoxo

    1. Thanks, Andrea! I love the feather paisley top too - the colors are so striking! The nesting can be pretty intense at times but I'm trying to channel that into getting some things done that have been on my to-do list for years!