Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Anthropologie Review: Gabiru D'Orsays

Just a quick review of these beautiful shoes from Anthropologie. I ordered 2 pairs and strangely they are quite different in color. I think one is sort of a "mistake" but still quite beautiful.

Gabiru D'Orsays (size 7)

 First of all, these shoes are gorgeous! The leather looks like liquid metal but I wouldn't exactly call it a patent. It's not stiff like that. The footbed is actually well padded which I think will add significantly to their comfort. So here's the weird thing. Look at the picture on the right. Doesn't the shoe on the left look sort of bronzey gold???? Well it is but they are both supposed to be silver. Also, the gold-ish pair fits a little big. You can actually see it in the picture - the toe bed is a little longer.

 Here are the silver ones. I think they fit exactly right. They feel *slightly* snug but the leather seems to be the kind that will give to your fit within a wear or two.

 Here are the gold ones. My right foot is a half size bigger so that one fits better but you can see they look *slightly* long. FYI I sized down a half size in both pairs because with open toed shoes I find this is often the case if you want them to fit well and not keep flopping off your heels.

 Here's gold on the left and silver on the right (I know, it's impossible to see in this cruddy lighting)

 Again, still hard to see.

 A little clearer.
Boom. There it is.

So the question is - which color looks better? I usually gravitate towards gold because I love it and think it looks good and warm and flattering on people's skin tone but this shade of gold is a bit dirty looking. Plus I think the silver fits better but it's hard to tell until I actually wear them for a day. I would hate it if they didn't give a little and then I felt like they were too tight.

Help! Any opinions are greatly appreciated :)

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