Friday, July 4, 2014

J Crew Review: Some summer sale

The 50% off has held on for a surprisingly long time, and even I am not immune to its charms. As I get bigger, I'm tiring of trying to guess what size I'll be after baby girl comes along but when prices get this low it is hard to resist. My biggest score has been the Lightweight Merino Tunic Sweater for $8.50. I always liked this sweater but decided against it since I have a lot of blue sweaters. At $8.50 resistance was futile. Plus I like the slightly longer, butt-covering length option until everything goes back to "normal". Here are a few other sale section finds:

 Linen V-Neck Sweater in Yarn Dye (XS) in Sandy Reef
I have been living in my linen sweater from last year, even while pregnant. It's such a great layer to throw on in A/C and the color is gorgeous. I think you could definitely go down a size with this iteration. My one complaint is the drop shoulders. They make me feel a little linebacker-y. Still, overall, love J Crew linen sweaters.

 Classic Merino Long Cardigan (XXS) in Vibrant Flame
I wish they'd return to the Eden Cardigan. That was the perfect length on me. The classic long cardigan always feels a little too long. The XXS was definitely snug but it stretched plenty so if you want a very streamlined look you may want to size down.

 Classic Merino Long Cardigan (XS) in Brilliant Purple
This is the XS which also fits fine with a little more breathing room. I actually like my cardigans to be fairly tight in the arms because I think it's more flattering but I have found that this cardigan shrinks a lot after dry cleaning.

 Linen V-Neck Sweater in Yarn Dye (XXS) in Pesto
Here's the same sweater as the first one but in a smaller size, which, if I was non-pregnant, I would prefer. The color looks dull in the photos but it's actually quite attractive in real life.

 Lightweight Merino Scalloped Sweater (XS) in Heather Dusk
They had a bunch of these on the rack so I decided to finally give it a whirl. The XS is SOOO big. I don't think the XXS would even be small enough. I know it's supposed to be loose and flowy but it just looks sort of crazy and the vee comes down way too low. This color in particular was a bit blah.

It is fun to poke through the racks to see if there have been any interesting returns or something I've missed before. I also find it a bit shocking that most of the sale stuff hasn't been reduced in price at all. 50% doesn't make a different if something's been priced at $59.99 for 3 months.

Have you had any great bargain finds in the sale section?


  1. i di buy two of the things you tried: the long merino cardi in vibrant flame and the merino scallop sweater in light grey. love both,butvesp the grey one.
    Happy 4th of July!

    1. I saw you in the scallop sweater on your blog - so adorable! Love it on you.

  2. I bought the linen sweater in pesto, and I love it. I was so disappointed that the cardigans were part polyester. I can't imagine that they will not make me feel "sweaty". Such a shame, because I need new cardigans.