Saturday, July 5, 2014

J. Crew Factory Review: Printed Pull-On Short, Stripe Bateau Top, Airspun Boyfriend Sweater

Okay, you know what's weird? I uploaded the pictures for this post yesterday and then sat down to write it today and as I was scrolling down I thought, "God, why is my stomach sticking out so much?" I don't know how it's possible but I definitely have "pregnesia" - moments of forgetting I'm pregnant. Ironic considering I feel like I'm going to burst open at any moment and I have some weird ligament thing going on in my left inner thigh. Anyway, just had to chuckle at myself. Yup, still pregnant.

Factory Printed Pull-On Short (Punk Floral) size 2
I'm a little obsessed with these shorts. They are super duper awesome pregnancy wear that does not make me feel gross and dumpy and I'm hoping I'll love them as much when I am back to normal. The print is pretty bright but I don't mind it with a nice neutral top. I've already worn my other pair a ton - super comfy and since my legs don't look pregnant, I like to still show them :)

 Factory Stripe Bateau Top (XS) in Navy/White
Sucka for stripes. This is a great little top - TTS, good sleeve length (3/4), good body length and nice open neckline. It is SLIGHTLY see through. I had a floral bra on and I could definitely detect it through the white stripes. Nonetheless, very comfortable and cute if you don't own a striped little bateau top. I, of course, own like 6 so I passed.

Factory Swoop Top in Punk Floral (XS)

This was hanging out sadly on the clearance rack - I think it would have come to about $14 or something insane. It's cute enough but I really only like it for the back. I think the back is amazing while still being able to pull off a bra. The front however is meh. The high neckline with the pleating is not good for me. I actually went back and checked on my review of the original retail version of this top and found that I felt the same. The polyester also made me pass.

 Factory Airspun Boyfriend Sweater (XS) in Emerald Pool
I love the material on this one - feels sort of funky but very lightweight and comfortable as a layer for summer. The color is quite eyecatching as well. It does seem to run quite big and that vee is WAY low. Beware the dreaded drop shoulder. Size down.

That's all for now. I may actually be shopped out. I did grab 2 pairs of shoes at J Crew on sale that I love. Will try to get reviews of them up soon.

What have you scooped up at 50% off?

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