Tuesday, July 22, 2014

J. Crew Review: A Downtown field, a Barbour Jacket and a Scoopneck Tee in Stripe

Where did July go? I can't believe summer is basically half over. It's my favorite season and I just want it to last forever!
We recently got back from vacation at a dude ranch in Wyoming - with my husband's entire family - all 19 of them. Whew. I have 2 sisters but they are much older than I am so I basically grew up as an only child. Being around that many people for a week is a lot... especially when super preggo... and at a higher elevation. Luckily my little (now) 5 year old had a great time playing around and trying to keep up with her older cousins while mama hobbled around and tried to stay cool. The horses were so adorable and I was sad not to be able to ride at all but I got quite a kick out of seeing my little cowgirl up there.
Anyway, upon our return we hosted a big birthday party for our daughter - complete with bouncy house and face paint :) That's the first and probably last time we will do that but it was a blast. Now I need about another week to recover from all the festivities.
Here are a few things I managed to squeeze myself into recently:

Downtown Field jacket in Navy (XS)
I need this jacket like I need a hole in the head but I've always wanted one so I just went for it. Good thing too because it's now mysteriously back to full price. I'm trying to justify it by saying that my other jackets of this style are in an army green color. It's just so spot on - I don't think it's going to keep you super warm or anything but it's a great layer. I did try on an XXS once but it was too tight. I prefer the XS for some room to layer.

A parting shot. Clearly I can't zip it right now but it would look great that way too. J Crew got this one right.

 Barbour Flyweight Cavalry Jacket (size 4)
I used to pass the Barbour store on the UES of Manhattan on my way to work every day. I like their stuff - very preppy but cute and well done. I got this with the 40% off but it's impossible to tell if it will fit post baby. It's very lightweight and I'd say these pictures represent the color fairly well. I like the dip in the hem in the back and the elastic band there. It gives a nice, fitted, sleek silhouette. There are snaps AND a zipper which I also love. I'd probably prefer this in a more neutral color though. I did size up according to reviews and this was the right decision. I'd say if you wanted to layer you might even want to go 2 sizes up.

I often size up in the Vintage Cotton tees because I don't want anything too clingy AND see through. This is a cute tee and I like the neckline. It looks a little off in the pic because my boobs are HUGE right now. Anyhoo, I think you could go with your normal size or size up. The good thing about going up a size is that you can always shrink it in the dryer later. Definitely will be a go to when things return to *ahem* normal.

I think I may be shopped out, which is a good thing considering nothing really fits right now anyway. Looking forward to some fall offerings. What did you buy during the 50% off??

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  1. The Downtown Field jacket is one of my all time favourite purchases. It always looks great, has washed well, and really held up well in general.
    I picked up the striped tee on sale a few weeks ago...they do look great together....thanks for the inspiration!