Wednesday, July 25, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - a few new arrivals

So the red plaid shirt is definitely a new arrival but some of the others might actually be older items. I can't keep track these days! Anyway....

Boy Shirt in Red Plaid (size 2)
This definitely fit a bit snugger than my other size 2 boy shirts. If you look closely it is gapping across my chest. This will not be a problem for smaller busted ladies but others may want to size up. I found the red and blue combo a bit too 4th of July for me. The fabric is a very soft flannel-like fabric but not thick at all which I liked.

I jumped on the bandwagon with many others on this one - it was on strange promo price for $54.90 the other day! Thus, it is basically sold out in promo colors now. The XS is fine and I will keep it if I can't find a small but I think I would prefer a S (my jackie size) for some room. The XS is extremely fitted. It is definitely featherweight but I think that and the 3/4 sleeves make it sort of dressier. Really soft. Also really sheds, over everything but that will probably dissipate with time.

Angular Eyelet Top (XS) in white
This is a cute, dressier version of a long sleeved tee. I didn't find the white totally transparent which was a plus. Although the XS felt slightly boxy in the body I thought it was the right size. Wouldn't want this tight. The arms, however, were quite snug.

Collection Icon Trench (size 2)

I didn't have time to try on the 4 but would probably want that for a coat (my usual JC coat size despite wearing a size 2 in tops). The 2 was slightly snug in the shoulder but plenty roomy enough in the body. I often find this to be the case with coats at JC. It's a lovely piece - J Crew definitely knows how to make a classic coat.

Anyone else jump on some new arrivals? I know the snakeskin pencil skirt is selling out fast (although I personally have to pass on snakeskin print :)


  1. Thanks for the review of the icon - it is funny as in my blog post today you will see I am really tortured about which trench coat, but I think it will be the icon! I am sad I missed the great price on the featherweight cardis - they are great!

    1. The featherweights are quite lovely. I'm not really needing a new cardigan but cannot pass up this price on something so delicate and slightly dressier than my usual black cardigan standby.