Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Boden Review - Holiday Maxi Dress

I have not ordered from Boden for a long time. While I appreciate their quality, customer service and quirky prints, I feel like the fit is often a bit matronly on me. Nonetheless, every once in a while I like to give them a try to see if things have changed. I was mostly pleasantly surprised this time.

Holiday Maxi Dress in French Blue Silhouette (size US 4R)

I love maxidresses but they are really hard for me because they have to have straps thick enough to cover bra straps. This one does! Yahoo! The straps are slightly too long but hey I'll take what I can get. In fact, this dress is so accommodating of larger breasts I sort of have to wonder how it would fit on the less well-endowed. Even though I'm only 5'4" I would be tempted to go for a long length because this dress only comes to my ankles. It is a thinner knit than other maxi dresses I have tried from Boden but it is a nice quality stretcnh jersey. The shape it gives it quite fantastic. I'm still not sure I need it or that the print would be my first pick but it is the best maxi dress I have tried on by them.

Twist Jersey Top WL613 in Blue size 4

This is no longer on the website because it was clearance and now Boden is having its summer sale. It's a very cute groovy top but the print is a bit big for my taste. The fit is flattering but I think shirts like this tend to look old - not that I'm any spring chicken but I'm not quite ready to put myself out to pasture yet.

Anyone snagging some deals at Boden? It really peeves me to pay $10 for shipping so I'm sitting this one out. Am dying, however, to see some IRL photos of the Big Button Tunic. That's a big print I think I could pull off in the summer.


  1. Hey! I ADORE the maxi on you...I saw it in the catalog and was intrigued, but since I already had ordered the other maxi dress from this season (the favourite jersey maxi), I sat it out.

    That top is groovy, for sure. Do you think you will be returning it? I could see it working on you, but it may be better tucked into a pencil skirt and layered under a cardi.

    That ten dollar shipping charge is a bummer, will likely go away when the fall season rolls out on the 20th. I will probably get a coupon code of some sort that will include free shipping and returns (I have in the past, at least), so I will make sure to let you all know when and if that happens so you can grab sale items without the shipping charge. :)

    I am including the holiday maxi in my review roundup, I think you will turn a few ladies onto it!

  2. Thanks, Dina! I think I will definitely wait until the 20th to place an order. There is nothing I have to have right now. How do you find the other maxis in the bust area? I feel like the holiday maxi might be my best bet because it has little "boob" pockets and am not sure the other maxis would accommodate my ladies.