Monday, July 2, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews - lots of sale tops

The recent $19.95 Anthro tops sale was pretty awesome, and smart. Even if something does not fit perfectly I am willing to pay $20 if it adds something interesting to my wardrobe. Case in point the last top pictured in my reviews. For once, J Crew has been getting a little of my money because of their insanely low in-store prices with 30% off. I am actually tempted to go back one more time and root through the racks to make sure there isn't anything else I missed out on. Anyway... here goes:

Twinkle Bands Top (XS)

I saw this on Jenni over at Found In My Closet HERE. It looked so adorable on her! I don't know if this one got stretched out or what but it was pretty big in an X-Small and just sort of hung on me.

Pelmet Top (size 2 or 4)

I love a good eyelet or open lacework in the summer but a little too peasanty for me. Nice cotton, good details, not so flattering.

This is really bright and quite eye-catching. Basically a good fit but I would feel the need to wear a cami which I can't be bothered with under a tank top. It feels really lightweight/ slightly cheap.

Unknown Top (XS) 
Love these colors and the fit is actually pretty flattering. Had sort of an interesting drape/twist thing going on the back. From afar, I think it looks a little old lady but maybe that's just me.

Another Unkown Tank (XS) 
Should have taken better notes. Again, the pattern is pretty interesting but the material was this weird mesh stuff that I didn't love. I think it would be cute over little cropped slim pants. Just not cute enough for me to take home.

So, I have been obsessing over this scarf since it came out. I am a wear a scarf every day of the year kind of gal and I love a good infinity loop because it's so easy to throw on and look fabulous in. I hate to say it, but I was disappointed in the print. The scarf itself is lovely but somehow the print looked different on line. Alas.

I got this for $9.95 and even for that price I am not sure I love it. I definitely could have used the XS. I can't decide if it's sort of cute and funky or just plain strange. I do love the light pink color and it is certainly comfortable and a good bum coverup!

Ah... another $19.95 steal. It is so adorable from the front, but.... I hate the t-shirt back! I wouldn't mind so much except it tends to creep up and be WAY shorted than the front. I noticed this in the reviews as well although some people said they did not experience this. I'm tempted to try looking for another one because I really really love the front but I have a feeling it is just a design flaw. Anyone else own this blouse?

Summer's moving out and fall is moving in. Can't wait for more sales and to get peeks at the first of fall (gasp)!

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