Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Anthropologie Reviews!

I was surprised that there was yet another round of markdowns this week. Still, I'm finding myself on hiatus from purchasing much at Anthro. So much of the summer stuff seems to be of poor quality and poor fit. The sale room at my Anthro is PACKED and some stuff I've seen sitting there forever at 1st cut! Very excited to see some fall offerings rolling in soon. Nonetheless, here is what I tried on:

Blouson Bands Chemise (size S)
I am slowly catching on to the idea that a lot of Anthro's lounge chemises are perfect for a hot summer day. This dress was basically cute but a) runs small - this is a small and I felt like it fit fine and b) felt so flimsy! I read a review that said it pilled all over after one wear and I do not doubt it. Even the elastic waist felt like the size of a thin hair elastic. Poo.

This actually fit quite well which is surprising because of my narrow torso and large chest but I don't like this style at all. The stretchy panel in the back would allow it to fit a variety of shapes and sizes. Too long on my 5'4'' frame but would be lovely on a taller diva who likes the vintage look. Seems well made and basically flattering.

(CUCKOO - this one's for you!) So I promised to try on a strapless dress for fellow blogger Cuckoo but unfortunately my store is not that well stocked and could not find the Antumbra dress or anything like it in my store. This is the best I could do. I will say that the Antumbra dress is by Maeve and so is this one so there you go. Unfortunately this one has a stretchy back panel and the Antumbra does not so I'm not sure about the comparitive sizing. Anyhoo - again I was surprised this fit. I almost think I could size down to a 0 because of the back stretchiness. I lurves a good bird print but I tihnk this one is sort of dark and dowdy. Again too long and too much fabric.

Yeesh. Just bad. Minnie Mouse comes to mind? Neckline lays strangely and the fabric feels like a cross between burlapp and polyester. Bummer.

Tulip Lace Shell (size S)
Tried this on based on Roxy's favorable review on Effortless Anthropologie. I own the Upstaged Tee it's cap-sleeved cousin. It's very sweet. Makes me realize that I probably should have gone with a S in the Upstaged Tee instead of the XS as this gains a little length which is much more flattering. Great layering piece.

Undergrowth Tank in Blue Motif (XS) 
Basically cute. I have a hard time with fitted on top flared out underneath silhouette. Not the best on my shape.

Having trouble locating this one on the website. The fit is better on this one - like the embellishment on the shoulders - helps the top lay well. The pattern is a bit crazy for me but would probably look lovely with some skinny pants.

This has to be at least the third time I've tried this top on. I am equally as obsessed with the Mimeo Magnolia Blouse. So why don't I just suck it up and buy them? Polyester. I still think they are priced highly for things that clearly feel like polyester. When something is poly but masks itself as silk (aka Clipped Cities blouse by Leifsdottir) I can handle it. Also the back of this cardigan is unattractive. Big blocks of reddish brown. I know Neon is big but I don't think I can jump on board. Also why I left a few neon pink things behind at the most recent J Crew sale.

Anyone else get some goodies at the most recent markdown sale? 


  1. I love the dresses! I haven't visited Anthropologie too often but will certainly stop by the next time I am on a shopping run.

    * * * glamBLOUSE * * *

  2. Thank u so much for ur reviews and for trying on the strapless dress. It's helped me gauge my size-- which is between a 2 or 4. I'm pretty flat chested (pre preg) but my rib cage may cause me to size up. BTW- I think the strapless dress looks great on u!! Thanks again!!