Tuesday, July 17, 2012

J Crew Review - Linen Bow Shorts

Just a quick update on the Linen Bow Shorts which arrived today. I had tried these on in the size 4 in store and then decided to go with my normal size 2.

Linen Bow Short (size 4) in Lustrous Blue

And here is the size 2

So I guess technically these fit better but I actually like the 4's better! They were sort of swingy and drapey and looked dressier. I feel like these look like glorified boxers. Perhaps that is also because I am still wearing my top from the gym in these pictures. I still think they are lovely and to be honest I will probably wear them tomorrow in the 90 degree heat but I wish I would have gone with my gut and gotten the 4's. I think most people are saying to size down in these but I think size up if you want something more blousey. For ~$14 I'm not really complaining.

Am hoping for a restock tomorrow so I can snag a few coveted items!


  1. I understand what you mean about the fuller short looking dressier but the smaller size still looks great on you!

  2. Thanks, JustVisiting! I'm sure they'll get some use on these hotter days!