Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Anthropologie Review - Antumbra Dress

Just a quickie to follow-up to a reader request for a dress. I don't recall ever seeing this dress in my store but I had a weekend in Boston and found it at the Newbury St. store.

Antumbra Dress (size 2)

When I first put this on I did not think I would be able to zip it up but... it actually zipped just fine. Even though it is slightly structured on top it felt like there was some give in the fabric. It covered my top half just fine but I did find that the top edge kept on rolling down. The straps attach slightly under the top part so maybe if I just loosened the straps it would not roll. The top also has that slightly sticky plastic stuff to try to prevent it from moving. Looked a little maternity from the side but I think that's because I'm pretty busty. All and all pretty cute and flattering. Would go with my normal size 2 (hope this helps cuckoo!)

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  1. Thank u much for this review! I really appreciate it and it has helped me tons! You look great in the strapless dresses!